Men are engineered for "girl talk"

If you've watched "Sex and the City" even once, you know exactly what I'm talking about already.

I'm talking about the four glossy women who spend the majority of their time going out to lunch where they each pay $20 for a salad and drink something low in calories while dressed in New York's most expensive clothes. They sit there and overanalyze everything each of the people in their lives did during the past 24 hours. (Yes, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point.)

They pore over every single detail of what someone wore, what he or she said, how what he or she said could be misconstrued, what someone did, how what that person did could be misconstrued and analyze each detail of the night down to every last dotted-i and crossed-t. And then they decide how they all presently feel about this man or life problem over the course of a very expensive lunch.

All women definitely aren't like HBO's lovable Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda and Carrie, but I believe each woman has a little bit of "Sex and the City" inside her. And some nights there's nothing you want more than to vent about your day with a glass of pinot noir, Ben and Jerry's and a sad movie with your roommates while you all have "girl talk." A lot of the time, your ladies are the best people to talk first.

But ironically enough, men were engineered just as well for having "girl talk."

They give it to you straight, call you out and boil your problems down as simple-mindedly as possible. Overanalyzing can be effective and necessary, but to a point, and I don't think it's any secret that women are guiltier of it than men.

So ladies, save your money every once and a while on your 20-dollar salad downtown and get a beer with your best guy friend. Sure, you probably can't gush to him about the gritty details of your date or talk about the cute pair of shoes you bought last week, but the male perspective is a helpful one to be brought to the table.

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