Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President
My sister shook hands with Barack and Michelle Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

As my twin sister stood 20 feet away from a stage that you and the First Lady stood on, I sat in nutrition class at the University of Missouri.

So obviously, I had the better deal, right?

False. I'd like to meet you as well, if you're free. Between that whole re-election thing coming up and some foreign issues you've been dealing with, you've got to have a free couple of hours in there somewhere.

I'm a journalist, so I'm not going to share my political opinions (since reporters naturally are born opinion-less), but regardless of which way I lean, you're the president, so I think it's only fair if you shake hands with Twin A, too. (I was born first, which also should be a selling point for you.)

I shouldn't have to explain to you the idea of fairness, since you deal with trying to make situations fair every day. But with twins, fairness is the promised land. It is the only time we are ever content--when we both get something. Let's not turn this into the never-ending fight over who got to ride shotgun on the way to the grocery store.

So you and Michelle come to Columbia, Mo., give a speech or two, and we'll call it a truce. Sound good?

Oh, and if you could stay long enough for a quick interview with me, I'd really appreciate it.


Allison Prang, Twin A


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