twenty-something girls and tacky tattoos

twenty-something girls and tacky tattoos

I suppose it's the by-product of youth, but seriously. WTF is going on with twenty-something girls' and tacky tattoos?

Now, I love and will always appreciate art, especially in the form of ink. Why? Well, first because it's a fairly substantial commitment (which to little miss. non-commitment here is a BIG deal) and it's also a statement. Since tattoos are a lifelong commitment, whatever statement you decide to make has to be pretty meaningful and something/someone that you love, or at least will 'quasi like' years from now.

That said, as I was running the other week in the Chicago Half Marathon, something very peculiar caught my eye. It was a twenty-something girl with tight black shorts on. What was strange wasn't her get-up, but instead the HUGE red bows that were centered on the back of each thigh. Huh?! As you can imagine, I spent the next six miles or so trying to rationalize her thinking behind this 'statement' piece. Was she trying to emulate stockings? Nah - because if she was then shouldn't there be a seam down the back and perhaps a fishnet pattern over her legs to more overtly show that they were stockings? Maybe she likes bows and whenever she sees them, she gets really excited. But, wait, these are on the backs of her thighs and how often do you see back there unless you're a contortionist? So that didn't make sense. Maybe she sees herself as a present for her boyfriend/girlfriend and wanted to eternally remind them of that fact. BUT - isn't the real fun in gifts UNTYING the bows and ripping off the paper?!

So - seriously. WTF?

After much thought, I realized that I wasn't anywhere near explaining those jacked-up, tacky tattoos on the backs of her legs. And, I can bet you miss bow chick can't really explain it either other than "Uhm...because, uh, it's like really cute." There you have it. Cuteness apparently trumps logic and rationale. It's like asking women in their late-thirties why they still like Hello Kitty. There's really no reason. But c'mon. this ain't a stuffed cat with a pink bow on its head we're talking about - it's a tattoo! And if you simply can't articulate why there's a valid reason it should be on your body for longer than a day then don't do it!

Note to the twenty-something girl: Think long and hard about what tattoos you're going to get. Make sure there's a smart reason behind it. What does it move you to do? My last tattoo is on my wrist. It's a Latin saying: "in veritas". It's a reminder to myself to always stay true and live in truth. I finally came to that decision after a year's worth of research and consideration. I had also got it because I was ridding myself of a lot of painful baggage.

Remember - Inevitably things will start to sag and those silly, tacky tattoos like red bows will eventually look like udders when you hit your forties.

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  • Tattoos are an excellent form of self expression but they are forever so think before you ink. I have to cover my tattoos at work because my boss is not cool with ink. I wear two Ink Armor sleeves: They work great but I honestly wish I had gotten inked further up my arms.

  • In reply to ShankRiley:

    I bet the tats on your arms are more meaningful than a pair of bows, my friend!

  • Why allow someone to put graffiti on your body? I'll just never get it, I suppose.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    It's a form of self-expression. It's art. It's a lifelong commitment - like being a parent. I just realized the irony of how parenthood and tattoos can be born out of a few drinks, impaired decision-making, and lapse in good judgement.

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    These bows are called forget me knots. there are several different meanings behind them but the had itself is pretty self explanatory. before you write an entire article bashing someone else's art, maybe you should do some research. what makes your tattoos any better or any more meaningful than hers were. fucking hypocrit .

  • In reply to Alexx:

    Lol. You said art. Isn't art supposed to be original? Those "forget me knots" are a blinking billboard advertising she is easy, and probably will let me stick it wherever I want. Try again bitter Alexx or is it Alexxx. I've had a lover with those knots. I want to forget about her. She was cute but a bat crap crazy sheep.

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    Tattoos don't always have to be logical or rational. I have plenty of tattoos and some of them may not have any reasoning behind it, nor is it exactly deep & meaningful. I love them because they're mine and I created them. I don't have to explain to people what my reasons were. I'd never have anything resembling these bows but it's not up to you to decide what is tacky. Any tattoo can look terrible once you hit a certain age.

  • I think they're adorable. They typically symbolize leaving the past behind. Seems to be an appropriate message for this blog.

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    You don't have to have a 3 page long essay as to why you have a certain tattoo. I can feel the butt hurt all the way here m'am.
    It's non of your business. Live and let live.

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    Doesn't sound like you asked her at would you know she didn't have an answer? Just from judging her by her tattoos? Awesome. Thanks for doing the exact same thing that I'm sure you've had or don't want done to you. Also, even if her explanation WERE "they're cute" that is a perfectly adequate answer.

    Go home and enjoy staring at and pondering your own "deep" tattoo. Peace.

  • They represent the wrapping for the gift available to all takers. It's up at the top, between the bows

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