twenty-something girls and abbreviations

twenty-something girls love abbreviations. Both in conversation and over texts. I'm not sure if it has to do with their busy schedules - you know with their college courses that start at noon, part-time jobs working at the local watering hole, late-night/early morning partying, OR if it has to do more with the increase of ADD mixed with hyper-active minds caused by the surplus of energy drinks, but twenty-something girls abbreviate every single word. Even ones that are one to two syllables long. Case in point:

Simple conversation:
Absolutely = Abso
Totally = Tots
Obvious = Obvi *can also be the abbreviated version of "obviously"
Whatever = Whateves
Jealous = Jelly
Crazy = Cray or cray cray (for the over-zealous)

Tomorrow = tmrw
Nevermind = nvm
You = u
Yes = y

Those are the ones that come to mind, however, because I'm old and have selective memory, I'm sure there are more 'obvi' ones that I'm forgetting. Feel free to contribute.


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  • Of the newsmen of whom I am jelly
    At the top of the list is Scott Pelley.
    I admit I'm cray cray.
    Tots and abso, I'd say.
    There is no better one on the telly.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    your lyrical geniusness makes me tots jelly.

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