one of my favorite twenty-something girl poses

one of my favorite twenty-something girl poses

Yes.  We've all been there a time or two - or many.  It all starts off innocently enough.  A few pre-game drinks at your friend's house to save some dollar bills on that ridiculous bar tab of red bull vodkas, or RBV.  But then you and your friend are joined by Billy and his whole entourage.  Then it's someone's cousin's 21st birthday.  And you're toasting.  Drinking.  Someone busts out a game of flippy cup.  Then there's that painstakingly cutie at the end of the bar that wants to buy you a shot of the finest alcohol around, jagermeister.  And you're smitten.  One shot becomes two.  Before you know it, the bar is closing down, you haven't eaten anything except for bar nuts and a bite of a taco that someone decided to sneak into the bar.  YUM.

10 am rolls around.  Your neck is stiff, your body is cold and your face is pressed up against the cold, hard surface of the bathroom floor spooning the porcelin toilet, looking for love in all the wrong places.  After you crack open one crusty eye, muster up the energy to wipe the drool that you've been sleeping in from the side of your face - you think to yourself, "I'm never doing that again.  Ever.  Well, maybe not until tonight." 

That, my friends, is one of my favorite twenty-something girl poses.  Classic.


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  • You must still be in your twenties.
    - Those days were the worst. You embarrassed yourself the most. Thought you'd learn lessons each time, NOT!

  • In reply to mixemup:

    Ah! I'm definitely not in my twenties. My writing must seem that youthful :)

  • Once in college I got hammered while cleaning up my frat house for a party. While putting the mop away I passed out in a utility closet and didn't wake up until 6am. That's one of my best non-memories of college.

  • In reply to johnpseudonym:

    "non-memories" are the best. Unless of course they involve a donkey and tequila.

  • In reply to Liz Le:

    That's a little scary, Liz. The one time I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, we went into some "novelty store". And amongst all the John C Holmes model dildos, flavored condoms, and what not, the thing that I remember most after all these years is the title of a magazine on the shelf....

    "Donkey Sex II"

    To think that "Donkey Sex" warranted a second volume. And that American taxpayers shelled out $300 billion or so to rebuild that place.

  • I've had plenty of those nights in my 20's and can't say I miss them in the least. The first few hours are awesome, but waking up at 5am on the bathroom rug next to a hissing radiator, knowing your next 15-20 hours are going to feel like thanks!
    Happy for the memories (that were not blacked out), but even more happy to be away from that scene. :)

  • In reply to gwennaelle:

    Absolutely. So glad to be away from that twenties scene, too. Though I'm glad to be over them, I still love the sheer amusement of that twenty-something drunk girl pose! Mostly glad it ISN'T me!

  • In reply to gwennaelle:

    At lest the commode is still in one piece...

  • Whore.

  • In reply to poppy coq:

    tsk, tsk, poppy coq. I must've offended you. GOOD!

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