twenty-something girls and tacky tattoos

twenty-something girls and tacky tattoos
I suppose it’s the by-product of youth, but seriously. WTF is going on with twenty-something girls’ and tacky tattoos? Now, I love and will always appreciate art, especially in the form of ink. Why? Well, first because it’s a fairly substantial commitment (which to little miss. non-commitment here is a BIG deal) and it’s also... Read more »

one of my favorite twenty-something girl poses

one of my favorite twenty-something girl poses
Yes.  We’ve all been there a time or two – or many.  It all starts off innocently enough.  A few pre-game drinks at your friend’s house to save some dollar bills on that ridiculous bar tab of red bull vodkas, or RBV.  But then you and your friend are joined by Billy and his whole entourage. ... Read more »

The Alpha: the beginning of twenty-something girls

You may wonder: why a blog dedicated to twenty-something girls? I mean, really, I’m a middle of the road thirty-something girl (exact age not disclosed), so I hardly qualify for being a twenty-something fortunately. I’m not dating a twenty-something unfortunately.  Am I jealous?  Secretly longing for those ‘glory’ days like a 40+ ex pro-athlete turned... Read more »

twenty-something girls and abbreviations

twenty-something girls love abbreviations. Both in conversation and over texts. I’m not sure if it has to do with their busy schedules – you know with their college courses that start at noon, part-time jobs working at the local watering hole, late-night/early morning partying, OR if it has to do more with the increase of... Read more »
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