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Understanding Suffering

I read an article in last month’s Yoga Journal about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the concept of suffering. The article was framed as most other magazine articles are, as a kind of self-help or quick-fix sentiment, but there was girth there, there was sincerity. I so often forget all of the wisdom I learned in... Read more »

Dear Pigeon Pose...

Dear Pigeon Pose, You never cease to amaze me. Every time I ease into your slightly awkward positioning, my body wakes up! And I didn’t even know it was sleeping. I can feel my tendons stretching alive, my muscles creaking and pulling to adjust to your overwhelming power. It’s wonderful. It makes me sad to... Read more »

Take Me Offline

Take me offline. Take me somewhere that radiates life instead of Wi-Fi, energy instead of Instagram. Take me back to when the internet had a capital I, when computers were a rarity, and no one spoke in acronyms. Take me offline, and I’ll show you how good I can be, how good we can be.... Read more »

The mind is a very gossipy place.

The mind is a very gossipy place.
I like to think of myself as simply observant, although my better judgment knows it’s something more than that. I like to narrate what I see. I give people voices, assess their attitudes, and define them based on a single glance. These verbal decrees that pass in and out of my mind are not always... Read more »

Body = Mind. Mind = Body.

I get really exasperated, in a completely yogic way of course, when I constantly hear people refer to some sort of big divide between their body and mind. We give our minds and brains so much credit, and blame our bodies for so much. I know that I’m often guilty of this fault as well,... Read more »