Dear Pigeon Pose...

Dear Pigeon Pose,

You never cease to amaze me. Every time I ease into your slightly awkward positioning, my body wakes up! And I didn’t even know it was sleeping. I can feel my tendons stretching alive, my muscles creaking and pulling to adjust to your overwhelming power. It’s wonderful. It makes me sad to hear so much resistance and disdain towards your intensity from my fellow yogis. I feel like no one ever really takes the time to appreciate you.

But, I do.  I appreciate you, Pigeon Pose. I love observing the way you electrify my senses, challenging my body into new and unchartered territory, and I love watching your conversation with my mind. You constantly remind me how weak and malleable a place the mind is, how much it yearns for the ease of comfort and tradition. But, I don’t want that for my mind. I want to find challenge and make peace with discomfort. I don’t want to run when things get tough or I don’t “enjoy” something in the typical terms that my mind has accepted as truth. I want to find other ways of looking at life and my situations; I want to explore my limits and feel the exhilaration of pushing past those limits only to discover that I wasn’t even close. And Pigeon pose, you help me with all of those goals. You offer me a physical representation of my larger obstacles in life: to avoid the road most traveled, to find comfort in the discomfort, to embrace challenge and question ease. And, it’s SO rewarding when I finally mentally accept the difficulty of your way to find that I can go further, reach longer, sink deeper. That is the true joy of yoga, I’ve found: relishing in the acceptance of the mind’s release. Everyone assumes it’s all about pushing the body to its limits, but I’ve found that it’s really the mind that holds me back most of the time.

Plus, you have a great knack of waking up muscles in the “posterior” region of my body that could use some waking up every now and then. As Kanye so wisely put it, “Nobody likes a little tight ass.” So thanks Pigeon Pose, I owe you one.


The Twenty-Something Yogi

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