Body = Mind. Mind = Body.

I get really exasperated, in a completely yogic way of course, when I constantly hear people refer to some sort of big divide between their body and mind. We give our minds and brains so much credit, and blame our bodies for so much. I know that I'm often guilty of this fault as well, but it's something that I'm working on every day.

We have to start seeing our body and mind as one entity, for that's all they are. Unless I'm the only one who notices the lump in the back of my throat when I'm sad, or the hot flash in my cheeks when I'm embarassed, or the shiver down my spine when I'm afraid. We, as human beings, are single things. We are not our minds, trapped inside a body of flesh, just as we are not simply flesh, controlled by our minds. We are both, and we need both.

The mind and intellect is put on such a high pedestal, constantly being praised for its accomplishments, while we see our bodies as things that hold us back or consistently fail us in one way or another. But, why?? We would not be who we are without one or the other. They are equally vital to our survival, equally important in our lives. We just need to stop thinking that way.

All we really have to do is start paying attention, and we'll start to see that this union of our "selves" is actually pretty unavoidable. Think about it in terms of language. No one ever says, "my legs ran a mile yesterday," or "my brain did really well on that test." Well duh, but you get the idea. Your self, your "I" is one entity that encompasses everything that your mind, body, and soul accomplish together. And, once you start to realize this, once you start to thank every part of you for your self for your successes and show compassion to every part of you for your misses, you'll be just that much closer to finally understanding and knowing the beautiful and whole self that you are.

The word, "yoga" means to yoke, to unite. Essentially, yoga helps us to bring the mind, body, and soul together to finally act as one.

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  • This separation is Descartes' fault.

    He is the father of modern undiagnosed and incurrible syndromes, such as fibromyalgia.

    He is the reason doctors see only parts of body and not the whole.

    He has done more damage to the human race than all the despots put together.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I completely agree! Thanks Richard!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    And he made math so much tougher by inventing analytic geometry.

    And he was French!

    And he was a rationalist. Like some of our founding fathers.

  • Plato -> Augustine-> Descartes.

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