Self-Diagnosed Food Addict Meets Juice Cleanse - DAY 3!

To catch up on anything you missed, here's Day 1 and Day 2!

Day 3: so close, yet so far.

From the minute I woke up, I had a very stong feeling that this day would suck more than the other two, and I was right. Besides the fact that it was my last day of the cleanse, and the third day (which I’ve heard is always the worst in any sort of cleanse/fast), this was also the day of my job interview. I don’t know about anyone else, but I like to eat when I’m stressed out.

The morning started off fine. I woke up early, cleaned up a little, got ready, and headed to the L. The problems arose when I realized that I had just missed the train that I needed, and I would have to take the next one, which didn’t come for another 10 minutes. I wouldn’t be late to my interview, but I would be running. And run, I did. I ran to the L stop (which was pointless, but whatever), from the L stop to a Kinko’s, from Kinko’s to the building that I thought my interview was in, and then from the building that I thought my interview was in to the building that it was actually in. Oh, what fun.

The interview, itself, went great, but when I finally left, all I could think about was food. I was hungry. I had finished my last juice before the interview, right after my half marathon, and it should be noted that vigorous activity does not make this process easier. So then, I was left with nothing but my L ride back, and the walk past 5 past restaurants and 1 grocery store before I made it safely home. But still, all I could think about was food.

This was the only point in my entire 3 days cleanse when I really thought about quitting. I started making excuses for myself like, “I was really active this morning, I probably did too much,” and “I think I’ve done this for long enough,” or just “UGH! WHATEVER.” But anytime I seriously started considering giving up and eating, my Kripalu Teacher, Brahmani’s voice rang through my head. “When you make a commitment, there is no decision.” I had committed to my juice, and I was not going to quit. I wanted to quit, and I knew it wasn’t the end of the world if I did, but I had made the decision at the beginning that I wanted to see it through to the end, so that was what I had to do. Finish.

This wave of strength lasted me through two more juices and until about 5pm. My hunger had subsided to just a dull roar, until it flared back up with a series of grumbles as my body started to remind me that it was nearing dinner time. The thought of ingesting one more liquid beverage made me seriously nauseous, even though I knew it was one of my yummy pineapple juice/coconut water concoctions I made yesterday. I just couldn’t do it.

I decided, though, that if I was going to make it past the “dinner hump,” as I like to call it, I would have to swallow something down. So, I chose to go with the more filling Juice #6 – the Strawberry Cashew Milk, which tasted better and left me a lot more satisfied than any of the other juices.

I got through about ¾ of my Cashew Milk before it started to get too warm for my liking, and I decided to put the rest of it in the fridge in case I wanted it before bed. I wasn’t hungry, but I wasn’t exactly satisfied either at this point – the fact that it was the end of the last day was really starting to get to me – so I took the advice of my fellow yogi blogger, Yoga Mom, and walked down the street to Starbucks to get one of their Chinese Green Teas. I’ve never been a huge fan of green tea, which is why I didn’t have any in the house, but it tasted surprisingly good! It was especially nice to drink something warm for a change, and it ended up being all I needed to make it through the night. I wish I had decided to drink some sooner; I think it would have made a few of my hungrier moments a lot easier.

Summary: I DID IT! Because when you make a commitment, there is no decision.

What I learned: It was difficult and not exactly a fun time, but my body is thanking me already. My skin looks more radiant, and my body/mind/heart feels lighter and more energetic than it has in a while. I really feel as though I’m starting anew with the start of spring, and I am thoroughly happy that I stuck it out (and even happier that it’s over)!

If any of you have found inspiration from my juice journey, and would like to start your own, comment below! I would love to answer any questions or offer support while you're on your way! Jai!

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  • You did it!

    I love your teacher's words and I'm thrilled you enjoyed the Green Tea.

    How was Day Four? Was it easy for you to jump back in to eating?

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    It surprisingly was not that easy! I woke up extremely early and extremely excited to eat, and then went into my kitchen to find nothing that I wanted! I ended up driving to the grocery store before breakfast to stock up on a lot of fresh fruit and veggies, and even that kind of felt like it was weighing me down for the rest of the day. Super strange. How was it for you?

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