Self-Diagnosed Food Addict Meets Juice Cleanse - Day 2

Self-Diagnosed Food Addict Meets Juice Cleanse - Day 2

To see the entire journey so far, here's Day 1.


Day 2 was definitely more enjoyable than Day 1, and I even took on a grocery store (which is not an adventure for the cleansing faint of heart)!

But, before I can go into how the actual day went, I was most surprised with how my night went. I feel like I did not sleep for a second. I was tossing and turning the entire night…but surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad sort of tossing and turning. I felt like my entire body was buzzing! Things were definitely happening in there; it was like I could feel all the bad stuff being expelled from my sleepless form. And, the strangest part of it all was after I “woke up” from my night of unsound sleep, I felt completely rested!

I was a little nervous for how the day would go from there, since I knew I had a lot of errands to run. The biggest errand of the day that I had set out for myself was to head to Whole Foods and buy some materials to add a little zest to the juices I had despised so much the day before. I left Whole Foods that morning with about 10 apples, some blueberries, coconut water, a lemon, cinnamon, and a pre-cored pineapple (I just can’t fathom how to tackle a whole pineapple).

I left three of my juices alone completely; they were fine. Two needed tweaking, and one of them needed to never be in the same room as me ever again. I wanted to try to stick as closely as possible to the ingredients that the JuiceRx people intended for their cleanse, which is the reason for all the apples and the lemon and cinnamon. But, I still have some serious complaints about that cilantro decision (blech).

After about an hour and a half of chopping, juicing, mixing, measuring, taste-testing, and making an enormous mess, I was pleased with the semi-new juices I had to look forward to and I could go on with the rest of my day. (AND STILL NOT HUNGRY! AMAZING)

The rest of my day consisted of meeting everyone in my mom’s office while I suffered from beet-breath, trying on uncomfortable interview clothes, and sitting in reverse-commute Chicago traffic for what felt like hours. Before I knew it, it was 5pm, I had no idea where the day had gone and I still felt pretty damn good with three juices left to go!

But then, the hunger hit. It kind of crept up on me slowly throughout the evening. I tried to battle it with more juice, but my stomach started to feel like a bottomless pit, absorbing the juice faster than I could swallow it. I tried to distract myself with the horrible performance of the bulls, but I was definitely extremely excited to go to bed, the only place I knew where the food advertisements couldn’t find me.

Summary: Day 2 is easier than Day 1. But, the nights suck.

What I learned: I CAN be around food without eating it. My evil boyfriend ate two of my favorite deliciously gooey, spicy, messy cheeseburgers right in front of me, and though I refused to kiss him afterwards because I knew he would taste like them, I did not need a bite! PLUS, I made it through all of Whole Foods without trying any samples! If that doesn’t deserve a massive high-five, I don’t know what does.

*Maybe I can do this...

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