Self-Diagnosed Food Addict Meets Juice Cleanse – Day 1

Self-Diagnosed Food Addict Meets Juice Cleanse – Day 1

First: Let me give credit to my friend, Yoga Mom, for inspiring me through her own Juice Journey.

Day 1 - (Law & Order Intro Sound: Bum Bumm)

I started out on my juice cleanse adventure with an extremely upbeat attitude. I was excited to see where this no-food-for-3-days experiment would lead me. My excitement waned only slightly when I tried my first juice of the day, and it was spicy. Weird. It wasn’t terrible, however, and I adjusted after a few gulps to the half lemonade half cayenne pepper combo that I was promised would stimulate digestion, boost my metabolism, and start my day off on the right foot.

Due to my currently funemployed state, I was able to sleep in on the morning of my first juice excursion, so I didn’t start juicing until about 10. It took me about 30-40 minutes to finish my first spicy concoction, and then another 30 before I became eager to try the second. The juice experts at JuiceRx say you’re supposed to drink a juice every 2-3 hours, but since I had started my day a little later than usual, I didn’t see how I could possibly still want to drink juice at 11pm that night, so I figured I needed to speed up the process a little.

Juice part deux was phenomenal! Labeled “Fat Flush,” I wasn’t overly enthused with the name, but I was more than happy with the contents. A yummy, citrusy-sweet blend of pineapple, grapefruit, orange, and Saigon cinnamon, I had to force myself to slow it down on this one (it’s really bad to chug these things - causes uncomfortable bloating/gas). Fat Flush got me through until about 2pm, and forced upon me the realization that I hadn’t been hungry yet today! Though this was quite a remarkable feat, I did notice that my mind had wandered to breakfast more than a handful of times (plenty more), and though I wasn’t exactly hungry, I definitely missed food. Interesting.

Juice #3 was gross. It was a strange combination of cucumber, green apple, beets, and ginger. I’m never a big fan of ginger, but I generally love the other three ingredients, so I was a little surprised that my palate wasn’t appeased, but nevertheless, it was gross. I tried blending it with some ice…didn’t help. It just left even more of the nasty purple stuff for me to drink, but I did it, and was actually incredibly satisfied afterwards and pretty proud of myself for finishing it most of it.

It wasn’t until about 6pm that I figured I would take the dive into Juice #4, considering I had 3 more to go before bed time, and I was already very sick of liquids. This was the first time of the whole day where I felt hungry, and it did not help that Juice #4 was even worse than Juice #3. I knew it would be though, which only added to my delay in drinking it. Cucumber, green apple, celery, lime, and mint. Blah.

Nevertheless, I did manage to gulp it down slowly and painfully. It was somewhere in the middle of my cucumber celery disaster (note: I LOVE cucumbers. I HATE cucumbers in juice form) that I became increasingly fearful of Juice #5. It’s deep forest green color loomed at me from the confines of my fridge, and I dreaded the thought of ingesting it next. I decided that since it was almost 7pm, and I could not fathom drinking 2 and a half more juices before bed time, that whichever was worse – light green #4 or dark green #5 – I would just skip. And oh my god, dark green #5 was DISGUSTING. Cilantro?? Really?? I hate cilantro more than any other food accessory out there, and I took its presence in my juice cleanse as a personal assault. Needless to say Juice #5 went immediately and directly down the drain.

I finished my other green drink, but remained feeling slightly hungry and very sloshy inside until about 8:30 when I took on my final juice of the day. I had been excited for this one since the beginning. It was pink and welcoming, titled “Strawberries ‘n Cream Cashew Milk,” and it had the consistency of a strawberry milkshake. It wasn’t as good as Fat Flush, but it definitely left me feeling very satisfied, and I went to bed that night feeling full and relieved that I had finished Day 1.

Summary: Not as difficult as I thought it would be, but I’m a worrier. Day 1 was definitely a challenge, and I thought about food all day. Watching television was especially hard – not because of the sitting/lazy aspect as you would assume, but because of all the dang food commercials! Why does it all have to look sooooo good?? I actually left the room during an Arby’s commercial, and I don’t even like Arby’s.

What I learned: I am a strong believer in the cyclical nature of all things good. Simply put: I believe that when you put something good out into the world, something else good will always come from it. I also believe that when you fix one thing, it will inevitable fix something else. Today, I dedicated my day to my body, cleansing and trying to fix some of the inside stuff towards which I'm not always completely considerate. But, by focusing my good intentions and energy on my body, I reveled in the mental benefits all day. My mood was lighter, my energy was surprisingly high, and though my stomach was a little empty, the rest of me felt wonderful.

**And I got a job interview!

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  • Every day gets better, I promise. I didn't enjoy the taste of the drinks at first, but they tasted better and better every day. Don't force yourself to drink all the juices if you can't. I saved one from each day and drank on Day 4.

    Isn't it amazing how aware you are that food is EVERYWHERE!

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    yes EVERYWHERE...and it doesn't help that my room mate just made dinner that smells incredible. Even though I'm pretty sure it's just chicken noodle soup, it's the best smelling chicken noodle soup I've ever encountered.

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    I enjoyed juicing that much I started my own juicing company and never felt better at 50+. We are what we eat and drink and I can vouch for that!

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