How To Speak Yogi

How To Speak Yogi

This is a fictional conversation, just for fun! Smile, it's a beautiful friday!

Yogi Berrasana: Oh, you beautiful soul! Look how you’re glowing today! (hey, what’s up?)

FroYogi : My heart’s love! Yes, I feel that my chakras are all balanced nicely today. How’s your energy flow? (Hi! Not much. It’s a good day, how are you?)

Yogi Berrasana: I’m very blissed-out right now – just had the MOST uplifting experience with my favorite sangha. Though, now that you mention it, I do feel as though my Manipura Chakra is a little blocked. (I’m actually a little drunk, just got together with some friends, but now my indigestion is acting up.)

FroYogi: Ah yes, I struggle with my Manipura Chakra often as well. Are you experiencing any of its other symptoms? (I get that too sometimes, is anything else bugging you?)

Yogi Berrasana: I do find that I am encountering more resistance than usual from my Manamaya Kosha – but I’m sure it’s just another sign that my Manipura Chakra needs more attention right now. It’s all very interesting! (Yeah, I’m pissy as hell recently – you know, it’s that time of month. [Sarcastic sigh])

FroYogi: Resistances are so fascinating! (Ugh, that’s the worst.)

Yogi Berrasana: I know! But how bout you, how’s your practice going? (Anything else new?)

FroYogi: I’ve been working towards full Pincha Mayurasana for a while now, but I’m finding difficulties staying truly in my body for the entire experience. (I keep trying fore arm stand, but I lose focus quickly)

Yogi Berrasana: But it’s so beautiful to try something new! Just keep at it without judgment, and enjoy the journey! (You’ll get it eventually.)

FroYogi: Such lovely words of advice! Well, I’ve got to go. I’m meeting my lover for wheatgrass shots at the new Whole Foods! Namaste my friend. (Thanks. See ya later! I’m meeting my boyfriend for drinks.)

Yogi Berrasana: Namaste! (Peace out.)

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  • I was also going to say "smarter than the average bear," but the illustration beat me to it.

    Of course, "it ain't over until its over."

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