The Real Power of Positive Thought - Mind Blowing.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has become considerably famous over the years through his ground-breaking and often controversial studies on water crystals. All I ask from you is to watch this video with an open mind and thoughtful consideration of what these images can mean for human existence. In this video, you'll find images of Emoto's experiments documenting the effects of intention and thought on water molecules. After directing specific words, thoughts, prayers, music, etc. at different samples of distilled water, he froze them and photographed the results.

Besides the fact that human bodies consist of approximately 60% water, and the possible consequences of the knowledge created by these experiments is almost endless, I'm much more fascinated by the idea that our intentions, our consciousness has any kind of physical power at all.

If one "thank you" can create a beautiful crystal structure in a glass of water, what's the limit? What if everyone in the world spent one minute of every day simply focusting on a feeling of gratitude? Yes, I know this is an idealistic and impossible notion, but isn't anyone else curious about "what if?"

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