Kathryn Budig's Interview on Body Image and Yoga

This is such a complex idea, and I think Kathryn sums it up perfectly. No matter what the media portrays and the public assumes to be the perfect "yoga body," amazing yogis come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages. Though this may sound incredibly cliché, and I'm sure your more skeptical sides are rolling your eyes at me right now, it's absolutely true. There were over sixty beautiful individuals in my yoga teacher training class, and we could not have been a more different bunch, physically and otherwise. We did have one thing in common, and ultimately it was the only thing that counted - we all found a happiness in yoga that couldn't be matched anywhere else. And as Budig explains, happiness is the sexiest quality there is.

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    Wow, just when I thought I loved K. Budig to the absolute max…I find this. What a phenomenal interview, perspective, and little space of internet in general! I am so grateful to have found this blog, for I too am a twenty-something yogi searching for the same concept of balance. Thank you! Namaste.

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