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Your Personal Practice and How to Spell 'Guru'

Your Personal Practice and How to Spell 'Guru'
Everyone loves a good yoga class. Being led in and out of different postures feels comfortable and safe. A good yoga teacher allows his or her voice to be like a guiding light at sea, always present and strong, but lenient enough for you to choose your own way, wandering off course as you wish.... Read more »

Morning Motivation

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Briohny Smyth. Her graceful narration is the perfect accompaniment to her seamless motions. Who wouldn’t want to start their day like that? Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I know that my body definitely cannot move like hers, but like she said, it’s all about the challenge of the learning process! And of... Read more »

Hungover Yoga

Everyone’s been there. The sun shining through the cracks in your blinds is always blindingly bright. Your eyes burn holes behind your eyelids as you try to fool yourself into thinking that you can go back to sleep. Your mouth is so dry you assume you must be dying, but the thought of getting up... Read more »