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7 Fun, free, educational websites for kids

<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Smithsonian Tween Tribune</strong></a>
The folks at the Smithsonian have a website dedicated to news for kids in grades 5-8 and judging the headlines on the Tween Tribune, they know just what interests tweens. One story, <a href="">School’s favorite cookie banned from cafeteria</a>, was about the national lunch guidelines, and another was entitled <a href="">Un-bee-lievable! 50,000 bees invade apartment</a>. I'm glad to know that it's not just my tween who enjoys news of the weird like that.
There are also global stories, including <a href="" target="_blank">Hate taking the bus to school? Try swimming!</a> about 61 kids in India who swim across a river and then walk 3 miles to to school. The news article is straightforward, but it would be tough for kids to read it and not get a healthy dose of perspective. It seems to shy away from more controversial current events, though there is also the Grade 9-12 version.
There is a <a href="" target="_blank">Spanish edition</a> and Tween Tribune can be downloaded as an <a href="" target="_blank">app</a>.
I’ll never forget my first grader coming home and announcing that a classmate told everyone there was no Tooth Fairy. She announced that she knew for certain because she had Googled it. Tweens are very tech savvy and good at searching the web. Given the above story, many of them have been good at it... Read more »

8 awesome science websites for kids, budding scientists or not

The Smithsonian Institution's <a href="">Ocean Portal</a> has the tagline Find Your Blue. It's a beautiful site tat is lovely to look at, but also packed full of information on topics including ecosystems, the history of the sea including information on what ancient oceans were like, and conservation success stories.
Science is awesome, and the internet can be awesome. Put them together, and you have some wonderful resources for tweens who are budding scientists. Even if your tween is not asking for a lab coat, these science websites are fun and engaging and may just get them excited about science. Most of these sites also... Read more »