3 Reasons why Kate Middleton is a good role model

3 Reasons why Kate Middleton is a good role model

My tween admires Kate Middleton and she and I have talked about how Kate uses her influence to do good work, support those helping others, and bring attention to important causes. When she and Prince William introduced their son George to the world, it was a great example of embracing your body as it is, even in times of great change.

I'm always looking for ways to use individuals my tween admires as good examples, so I'm very pleased to welcome today's guest poster, blogger and children's author Susan Barnett Braun. Her most recent book is a biography of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge aimed at tweens but enjoyed by those of all ages interested in learning more about the royal and international superstar selected one of Time's 100 most influential people.  Susan graciously agreed to share her thoughts on what tweens and their parents can learn from Kate Middleton. Thank you, Susan!

Kate Middleton is a pretty great role model for tween girls. Because while most of us will never become Queen of England, we can still learn a thing or two from the darling Duchess of Cambridge.

Just for starters:

  • Kate stood up against bullying. Yes, even Kate was a victim for a time, when she was 13. At her private school, Kate was shoved, called names, and tripped. Why? Girls who attended school with her can’t recall any real reason. Some claimed she was shy, others say she “wasn’t pushy enough.” Regardless, the duchess-to-be kept her head up and looked for a solution: she asked her parents to help her find a different school. After a semester of torment, she switched schools and things began looking up again. She even asked her wedding guests for donations to an anti-bullying charity instead of gifts.
  • She has shown both patience and determination. Did you know that Kate dated her prince for nine years before he proposed? It’s true. Prince William met Kate while they both attended the University of St Andrews. They began dating there, and continued throughout their twenties. William was not ready to commit to marriage until he was 28. During those years, Kate stuck with him, even though many would have become tired of waiting. Also, she and William both have shown determination as they redefine what it means to be a royal and work to keeping their lives as normal as they can.
  • Kate is a great model for tweens of how to dress modestly and yet still fashionably. Kate dresses like the member of royalty that she is. Move over, Miley Cyrus. Thanks to Kate, sweet demure dresses and classic footwear are tops on the style charts. She's also shown that fashion doesn't mean a new outfit for every occasion, as she's known to wear the same pieces several times. She's showing tweens (and everyone else) that basic staples can be worn over and over. She's also been known to shop at affordable stores, and even from the sale rack, which is another great example.

Tweens, teens, and adults alike will enjoy learning more about this very modern duchess in Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge: A Biography for Children. It’s available in Kindle and paperback formats at Amazon. It is at a Lexile Level of 930, which makes it great for tweens.

Susan Barnett Braun blogs at Girls in White Dresses. She is the author of 5 books, her latest being the Kate Middleton biography.

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