Sharing….what a mother keeps

So…. I am going through old cards and I come across a small cut out heart with writing on it and recognized it immediately. However I did not remember its sentiment. With a closer look there is one smaller heart on top with words on it and a larger one underneath. I knew it was from my daughter Rosie, around age 5.

“Sorry I lost four teeth” – Next larger heart underneath – “I think you should get over it and get on with your life.”

I laughed out loud and a warm memory washed over me of a tiny little girl about 4 ½ years of age with a head full of curls bounding down stairs with her first loose tooth.

“Mommy, Mommy, I have a loose tooth,” she said.

“No!!!!!” I loudly and boldly proclaimed, “I am not ready for you to have a loose tooth.”

For the next three years I felt a twinge of regret every time I found out about a loose tooth. Rosie is my only child and I was not ready for this passage of her growing up. That’s what a loose tooth meant to me.  Hence…the heart with her thoughts so honestly written.

That time of her being that little girl has passed all too quickly, however, I must admit I did get over her 4 lost teeth.

As I look again at my little cut out paper heart….I take a moment, cherish the memory….and get on with my life.


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