Now I know What Urgent Care Means

No matter how old you get, once in a while when something hurts you still would like your mom around to fix your body. In my case, I stepped on something – didn’t know what. I had a sliver in the bottom of my foot that was causing pain when I walked. It was in... Read more »

The Flag of Freedom and the Sound of Freedom Live On

  September 11, 2001 is ingrained in our memories forever. I remember the terror I felt  every year when I watched in horror as the buildings of the World Trade Center came down after terrorists flew US airplanes into them. But I choose to remember how one nation banned together and helped one another through... Read more »

Live in the light – be it green or golden!

So this St. Patrick’s day I am resting.  With a celebration on Friday and Saturday consisting of baking soda bread, being with special friends, and drinking green beer, I am a little spent. Although in reflection my favorite part was the Civic Celebration held on Sunday at Old St. Pat’s in Chicago. The mass was... Read more »

How much bacon on your BLT?

Ah!!!!Fresh tomatoes right out of the garden.  So many what do I do?  Start the fixings for a delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. I send my husband for bread to the Breadsmith down the block. Check out all supplies. Mayonnaise, check.  Lettuce, check.  Thick sliced bacon, check. My husband comes home with a loaf... Read more »

Sharing….what a mother keeps

So…. I am going through old cards and I come across a small cut out heart with writing on it and recognized it immediately. However I did not remember its sentiment. With a closer look there is one smaller heart on top with words on it and a larger one underneath. I knew it was... Read more »

New beginnings at Trademark Tavern in Lombard

Come on in! That’s the feeling I like when I approach an establishment when I am planning a night out on the town. Lombard’s newest eatery, Trademark Tavern, located at 777 W. Butterfield (building just east of Benihana’s) has the essence of comfort, good food, good people, and a really tasty Margarita all rolled into... Read more »

I thought about my Dad today

Even though my dad passed through the pearly gates just about fourteen years ago, when Father’s Day comes around my heart skips a beat thinking about him, and I do my best to recall my favorite moments with him. With a spark in his Irish blue eyes, and a dance in his stride, memories of... Read more »

Christmas Tree Trimming 101

Okay….it’s time to drag out the ornaments and tinsel, buy a Christmas tree, or pull a fake one out of the garage. Tis’ the season to be jolly and without a decorated tree, you might be considered a scrooge. A couple of years ago I took on a job to learn to be a professional... Read more »

Cash, still accepted everywhere.

With the influx of media hype regarding Bank of America contemplating charging their customers to use their debit cards, I have two words for you…use cash. I realize this is an old fashioned idea, but really, sometimes it takes a step backward, to go forward. In this case, why waste your energy into trying to... Read more »