The Participants

Every participant wrote their own profile and/or superlatives. Yes, we each are this awesome.

Portraits done by the very talented Sadie.


Team Captain:


strengths: current events, literature, european history, sf giants baseball,

weaknesses: any other athletics, science, movies from the 70s,

drink of choice: rum&coke or vodka&cranberry

 self-promotiontwitter, tumblr

the finest of them all: Katharine

strengths: musical theater, pop culture, current events,

weaknesses: us history, sports

drink of choice: gin&tonic, whiskey&ginger ale


I can't write legiblyDrew 

strengths: music, history, pop culture, politics,

weaknesses: politically correct answers,

drink of choice: gin&tonic, BEER


all breaks are dance breaksSebastian

strengths: the simpsons, geography, cartoons on Nickelodeon

weaknesses: sports, trivia, real facts,

drink of choice: whatever beer is cheap, on tap, AND MOTHERFUCKING SEASONAL


strengths: movies (including foreign), 20th century literature, beer history

weaknesses: pop culture, politics, sports,

drink of choice: Dogfish head

tequila never done me wrongAlexis

  strengths: pop culture, 20th century american history, lipstick, lgbt rights,  African-american history month

weaknesses: trivia

drink of choice: tequila



strengths: US history, sports

weaknesses: pop culture,

drink of choice: everything.

Major Major Major Major 

strengths: dancing to songs during question breaks


drink of choice: things with whiskey

Elin D.

strengths: Disney, other random shit, music

weaknesses: history

drink of choice: whiskey diet


Charlotte V.

strengths: France, european history, environment/nature, food

weaknesses: american history

drink of choice: a dirty arnold palmer


strengths: biology, 90s kids shows

weaknesses: details and dates

drink of choice: sprite+cranberry+vodka


strengths: politics, state capitals, YA novels, cooking, stuff on
weaknesses: tv shows, movies,

drink of choice: whiskey+gingerale