I 67% endorse Logan Bar & Grill
But to start me off with some credibility, I went to Sunday night trivia at Logan Bar & Grill for a second time before reviewing! Now, ideally, no one should know I am reviewing their trivia because bias is bad and I think having an air of mystery is hot. In this case, we made it through 75% of the game before one of my friends (a few drinks deep) accidentally gave away my blogger identity. I'm going to maintain that the waitress (who was very nice) did not give a shit and therefore it did not affect our experience (we didn't get anything for free). If you don't want my tl;dr commentary, here's the down and dirty:
Location: Logan Bar & Grill Time: Sundays, 8pm Length of game: 2-2.5 hours The scoop? good playlists, great food, long trivia rounds, hard to hear anything How many pints?  (3⅓*)
*I wanted to deducted the last 1/3 for using Comic Sans in their hand-outs but my team vetoed me.