It's my inaugural post but this isn't a review. It's an introduction. But, how do I hook you, not-yet-faithful reader? How do I convince you that this blog is worth reading when we all know that merely trivia and alcohol are not enough? Wait, no, trivia and alcohol totally is enough, you ungrateful punks.

My Godfather is a statistician (which means I am chock full of useful information) and when I told him about my trivia endeavor, he asked if I would go to every location twice?

It wasn't something I had considered but the truth of it is that: yes and no. If it is in my capability/time to go twice to a trivia night before reviewing, I will. But if it sucked, please don't make me go back?

Now, about me: I'm fwarg (sometimes Sophie), a 20-something living in Chicago. I just graduated college and I am underemployed.

The members of my team are total professionals and I advise you go and learn about some of them on a more intimate level.

See you guys soon!


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