Trivia Quagmires: Help me, help you?

I'm good at a lot of things. Like drinking. And watching TV. And debating. And other stuff too, there's other stuff too.

But I am terrible at coming up with names for my trivia teams. I need your help, if anyone is out there reading, I need your help! I need your help to stand out on the board. I want my opponents to be jealous of how salacious I am! Or how witty! Or how awesome! Help me trick my opponents.

But my pun-problem is not my only one, but I thought that I'd break the ice with a small favor. What I really need is help writing this blog. Because while I am having a blast going to trivia nights and blogging about it, I want people to enjoy what they are reading as well.

So, tell me: what can I do better? What is lacking in my style? My critiques? Should I have asked this question after I published my third post?

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