Jack & Ginger's: Risky Quizness

Jack & Ginger's: Risky Quizness

One week later and one more bar visited.

My second foray into the world of pub trivia was more enjoyable and successful. Jack & Ginger's is the baseline for trivia, like that essay your teacher shows you all that's a "good example" -- it's good but not great and maybe lacks some imagination or hutzpah. They have trivia night deals, shots for round winners and prizes for best team names. Our team name, Risky Quizness, did not woo the judges.

My team this week included: Katharine, Major Major Major Major, Eli, Coral and Drew.

The scoop:

Location: Jack & Ginger's on W. Armitage

When: Wednesdays, 8pm

Length of game: 1.5 -2 hours

The scoop? snarky emcee, wide variety of questions, good trivia deals, great food

Tips: get the burger and get there by 7:30 if you want a seat for trivia.

How many pints?*

* I know I said that any bar which offered drink/food deals would get a half pint jump. AND Jack & Ginger's offers great deals on their trivia night - $4 burgers or salads (real burgers, not some slider-bullshit) and $3 "J" shots (Jameson, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jägermeister & Jose Cuervo). BUT they used a free Pandora station which subjected us all to listening to ads at full-volume every 30 minutes and one of my friend's medium burger arrived pretty much raw/cold in the middle, so I'm only gonna round you up to a 3.5.

Now, the atmosphere of Jack & Ginger's during trivia is pretty amped thanks to the staff and since the waitresses are constantly running around, it's pretty easy to order a third or fourth round. I'd advise sticking with the deals of the night because fwarg ain't got money for five rounds of $7 well-drinks.

I've noticed a trend with bars in that they'll leak hints (even answers) on their facebook pages. And while I get social media is important (this is one of my two blogs, I have a twitter account, I'm connected, okay?)-- it's dumb. I don't have reception in the back of your bar! And do you know how annoying it is to check a facebook "page" on your smartphone?

Also, you are just tempting me and my loose morals to cheat. There was some discordance in the group over one issue. While Drew and Katharine found the emcee to be pretty charming, my cohort Major Major Major Major found him to be despicably annoying. In my notebook, I wrote that he was snarky but that I would probably hate-fuck him. There's your tmi for the day, folks.

There were 4 rounds of trivia (and like 10 rounds of drink for our team), 10 questions each. Now, due to my my inebriation, I consulted my team members at varying intervals. We were all in agreement about two things. First, the questions got harder as we got drunker as the rounds progressed (we felt the most disheartened by the onslaught of sports questions in round 3).

BEST question of the night: What movie featured elizabeth hurley as a mix of the 101 dalmatians villain and a soft-core porn star?

WORST:  TIE between: What new thing is now legal on California roads? AND What was the first US team to join the NHL? (I voted this question as worst because for most of the crowd, it seemed like a question no one gave a hoot about and when the answer was announced, only one team CHEERED in victory."

The skeleton of Jack & Ginger's trivia night is pretty good but the participants weren't as enthusiastic or rowdy as I would have hoped. Gotta be honest, my friends were the most charming and fun ones in that room. And I say that without any bias.

Overall, food and drink were a hit (4/5!) but the other participants and the atmosphere were not (2.8/5!) -- I'd advise taking a fun group of friends to compensate.

And for those of you who question my mathematics and/or want the full breakdown, here's the F.O.Q.E.T (in s):

Food & Drinks = 4/5 pints
Organization of the game = 4/5 pints
QQ (Quality of Questions) = 3.75/5 pints
Entrants (or your competition) = 2.8/pints
Tone & Territory (or atmosphere) 2.8/5 pints

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