Trivia Quagmires: Help me, help you?

I’m good at a lot of things. Like drinking. And watching TV. And debating. And other stuff too, there’s other stuff too. But I am terrible at coming up with names for my trivia teams. I need your help, if anyone is out there reading, I need your help! I need your help to stand... Read more »

Jack & Ginger's: Risky Quizness

Jack & Ginger's: Risky Quizness
One week later and one more bar visited. My second foray into the world of pub trivia was more enjoyable and successful. Jack & Ginger's is the baseline for trivia, like that essay your teacher shows you all that's a "good example" -- it's good but not great and maybe lacks some imagination or hutzpah. They have trivia night deals, shots for round winners and prizes for best team names. Our team name, Risky Quizness, did not woo the judges. My team this week included: Katharine, Major Major Major Major, Eli, Coral and Drew. The scoop:
Location: Jack & Ginger's on W. Armitage When: Wednesdays, 8pm Length of game: 1.5 -2 hours The scoop? snarky emcee, wide variety of questions, good trivia deals, great food Tips: get the burger and get there by 7:30 if you want a seat for trivia. How many pints?*
* I know I said that any bar which offered drink/food deals would get a half pint jump. AND Jack & Ginger's offers great deals on their trivia night - $4 burgers or salads (real burgers, not some slider-bullshit) and $3 "J" shots (Jameson, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jägermeister & Jose Cuervo). BUT they used a free Pandora station which subjected us all to listening to ads at full-volume every 30 minutes and one of my friend's medium burger arrived pretty much raw/cold in the middle, so I'm only gonna round you up to a 3.5...

I 67% endorse Logan Bar & Grill

I 67% endorse Logan Bar & Grill
But to start me off with some credibility, I went to Sunday night trivia at Logan Bar & Grill for a second time before reviewing! Now, ideally, no one should know I am reviewing their trivia because bias is bad and I think having an air of mystery is hot. In this case, we made it through 75% of the game before one of my friends (a few drinks deep) accidentally gave away my blogger identity. I'm going to maintain that the waitress (who was very nice) did not give a shit and therefore it did not affect our experience (we didn't get anything for free). If you don't want my tl;dr commentary, here's the down and dirty:
Location: Logan Bar & Grill Time: Sundays, 8pm Length of game: 2-2.5 hours The scoop? good playlists, great food, long trivia rounds, hard to hear anything How many pints?  (3⅓*)
*I wanted to deducted the last 1/3 for using Comic Sans in their hand-outs but my team vetoed me.
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It’s my inaugural post but this isn’t a review. It’s an introduction. But, how do I hook you, not-yet-faithful reader? How do I convince you that this blog is worth reading when we all know that merely trivia and alcohol are not enough? Wait, no, trivia and alcohol totally is enough, you ungrateful punks. My... Read more »