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Pilaf Recipe from Uzbekistan

I cooked an Uzbekistan pilaf on Saturday using the recipe from my blog. Warning! Cut the rice in half. It’s way too much and you lose the taste of everything else. Also use more coriander. The spice gets lost in all that rice.

Menus and Recipes for a Central Asian Dinner

I have friends coming for dinner this coming Saturday and have decided to cook Central Asian style again. I cooked a Central Asian meal two weeks ago for another group of friends. For both dinners I am duplicating the many meals I had at the homes of the craftsmen on the tour. I’ve compiled my recipes from our... Read more »

Traveling on the Road to Tashkent, Uzbekistan

I’m trying to catch up on where I’ve been so here is the story I wrote on the road to Tashkent. We are on the bus again, on the way to Tashkent, about the same distance as Samarkand from Bukhara, our suitcases a bit heavier. Mine because of a lovely suit jacket that I purchased... Read more »

From Khiva to Bukhara, Uzbekistan

I want to catch you up on some of my travels as I have been unable to transfer these stories from Word to the internet until now. Here is the blog I wrote traveling from Khiva to Bukhara. I am writing from the bus on a very bumpy road from Khiva to Bukhara. The ride... Read more »

Crossing Borders from Uzbekistan to Kyrgystan

Today we crossed from Uzbekistan to Kyrgystan, the second border crossing on the trip. These are not difficult but rather physiucally taxing. We simply had to fill out a form that asked beyond the main questions of name, Social Security, and national birth,  the amounnt of money you had (it should be less than the amount you... Read more »

Touring the Ferghana Valley in Uzbekistan

I am writing tonight from the Ferghana Valley. It is the first time in two days that I’ve had access to WiFi. When we arrived, there was no ekectricity; someone in  the city had cut a cable. But by sundown the lights came on.However it’s been another 24 hours before we hqad access to the... Read more »

The Road to Samarkand

We traveled to Samarakand today, a five hour trip, made a bit longer, not only because of the poor condition of the road whch actually wasn’t as bad as the road we traveled to Bukhara but because the shocks on the bus had worn out and we smelled like we were burning rubber. However there... Read more »

The 5 M's of Bukhara: Mosques, Madrasas, Minarets, Museums and Mausoleums

I have spent the day touring the old city which is huge as was the one in Khiva, But this seems to be even larger. There are seven mosques in the old city, ranging from the 9th century to the 15th. The amount of tile work and the number of colors in which the tiles... Read more »

Sitting at the Iternet Cafe in Khiva Uzbekistan

The battery for my minicomputer has died so the clerk at the cafe has offered her computer to me. This is so nice of her. I fact, I have found all of the people here to be extremely gracious, friendly and content with their lives, perhaps the reason for their grsaciousness. Two days ago we... Read more »