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French Trains & Terrorist Attacks: My Train Ride

After my train trip this past July from Paris to the Burgundy area of France (See my post, The Conductorless Train, posted August 7), I was not surprised when I read about the attack on the French train. In the August 24 Wall Street Journal article, “France Urges Vigilance After Terror on Train,” SNCF train... Read more »

Traveling in Europe: Ireland, England and France

This was a return visit and not so much a tour as a combination business and holiday with friends. I had been to Ireland four times already. For my previous two trips my husband and I had rented a cottage in Dun Quin on the Dingle Peninsula. I was very comfortable in Ireland and looking forward... Read more »

French Trains: Traveling from Burgundy to Charles de Gaulle Airport Part IV

Going home from Le Creusot to the Charles de Gaulle Airport promised to be far easier than coming. The problem turned out to be finding a cool place to eat lunch while waiting for my train in Lyon and getting a taxi to the hotel at the airport. Familiar now with the ways in which the trains worked, I was less... Read more »

Autun, Burgundy France: Sunday Markets, Roman Ruins, Medieval Cathedrals

Today was Roman ruins and medieval churches. I awakened in the morning and peered out of the unshuttered windows in my bedroom to look up the road.   You can see the the hills  surrounding our cottage or village house as it is known as you look in the other direction..   The area is charming.... Read more »

The Campus--University of Limerick, Ireland

The University of Limerick campus The ProComm Conference at which I am presenting a paper is at the University of Limerick which is just outside Limerick city. I flew into Limerick and then took a taxi to the University. There were no trains, a bus would not take me directly to the dorm where I... Read more »

The Blog Continues

My apologies for the delay in getting this going. Technical difficulties. I committed the unpardonable. I purchased a new computer, a Surface, just before leaving. I thought I had conquered it but I’m finding the change from click to swipe and the new desktop challenging. But I’m finally in and hopefully I will eventually be able... Read more »

Traveling in China: The Yin and Yang of Pandas

The China I am seeing is the embodiment of its Confucian philosophy of Yin and Yang.Two parts in opposition to one another that make a whole. There is modernization but there is also pollution; urbanization but also the uprooting of a rural life, panda preservation but also panda business. Pandas are a profitable business, and,... Read more »

Traveling in China: Panda Pandamonium, Really Cute Stuff

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my six days in early September at the Panda Research Center, Preserve and Breeding Center at Bifengxia, Sichuan Province, China. I was unable to get into my blog site while I was at the site.      

Forbidden City

We’re in Beijing today. I lost the internet in Ya’an where the pandas are so I will have to fill you in another day. It was quite an experience. Today we went to the Forbidden City. Many years ago I had read Pearl Buck’s books on China, including her Nobel Prize book, “The Good Earth.”... Read more »

Traveling in China: Environmental Problems

We heard the most interesting and disturbing lecture last night by a local University professor who had been requested to speak to us by our guide after we had been asking questions about environmental problems. These were motivated by our experience in Xian where the “sun never shines” or at least hardly and then only... Read more »
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    " I am an American," but not "Chicago born" like Augie March. Only Chicago aged. I'd like to think that if Henry Louis Gates were to investigate my geneology, he would discover in my past three women who traveled around the globe, chronicling their adventures. Sarah Kemble Knight traveled 112 miles by carriage from Boston to New York in 1704, a journey most women did not embark on alone (and men did so only with some trepidation). In fact, women were only just beginning to exercise their independence in the 1920's when Emily Kimbrough took off with her friend, Cornelia Otis Skinner, to explore Europe. But it is Auntie Mame, transforming herself from a New Yorker to the wife of an Austrian Baron and climbing the Matterhorn, whose mantra I have adopted. "LIFE IS A BANQUET...LIVE!" I began travelling in the 1960's when I traveled around western Europe between graduating from the Univiersity of Pennsylvania and my first job as a statehouse correspondent for UPI (United Press International) in Charleston, West Virginia, which was about as foreign a place as Europe was to someone who grew up in the environs of Philadelphia. Since then, I've also traveled to Kaunas, Lithuania, to teach at Vytautus Magnus University and to Sheffield, England, to present a paper at an engineering conference. I've been to the Alps and seen Auntie Mame's Matterhorn while climbing, by a series of cable cars rather than by foot, toward the peak of Mont Blanc. For 10 years my husband and traveled to unique places: a sheep farm during lambing season in England's Lake Country, a hotel on one of the Barromeo Islands in the middle of Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy, and a cottage in Dun Quin on the Dingle Peninsula which the Irish claim is the last parish before Boston. Between excursions, I'm a professor in the Department of English at Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, Indiana,. My husband passed away recently and, Auntie Mame-style, I am in the process of transforming myself. I've joined a tour to Central Asia and traveled to China to work with the pandas. This year I'm on my way back to Europe--Inreland, England, and France--to present a paper at a Conference and then visit friends. A new adventure. Old friends. Another banquet.

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