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Traveling in China: The Yin and Yang of Pandas

The China I am seeing is the embodiment of its Confucian philosophy of Yin and Yang.Two parts in opposition to one another that make a whole. There is modernization but there is also pollution; urbanization but also the uprooting of a rural life, panda preservation but also panda business. Pandas are a profitable business, and,... Read more »

Traveling in China: Panda Pandamonium, Really Cute Stuff

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my six days in early September at the Panda Research Center, Preserve and Breeding Center at Bifengxia, Sichuan Province, China. I was unable to get into my blog site while I was at the site.      

Forbidden City

We’re in Beijing today. I lost the internet in Ya’an where the pandas are so I will have to fill you in another day. It was quite an experience. Today we went to the Forbidden City. Many years ago I had read Pearl Buck’s books on China, including her Nobel Prize book, “The Good Earth.”... Read more »

Traveling in China: Environmental Problems

We heard the most interesting and disturbing lecture last night by a local University professor who had been requested to speak to us by our guide after we had been asking questions about environmental problems. These were motivated by our experience in Xian where the “sun never shines” or at least hardly and then only... Read more »

Traveling in China: Touring Shanghai

The city is fantastic. It is attempting to catch up and surge ahead of the contemporary world. I expected to see an expanded shippinhg port with much of the romanticism that I remember reading about–pirate ships, slave trade human trafficking–or at least a museum of those days in the mid 1850′s. Instead they call the... Read more »

Traveling to China: Finding a Flight

I figured that with a 14 hour flight and a 13 hour time difference I was going to have a terrible case of jet lag. Remembering my marathon return flight last year from Bishkek to Chicago ( I figure I was up for 48 hours), I opted to spend a little more and purchase an upgrade with... Read more »

Traveling in China: Panda Diseases

Professor Chunxiang provided lecture three on panda diseases. I took detailed notes for my colleague who is a zoologist and has specialized in wolves. Of the hour lecture, the following information is probably the mot interesting. . The panda has a short, small stomach. This is one of the reasonst he panda easts so often;... Read more »

A Turkmenistan Wedding: The Traditional Bridal Gown and Veil

We were very lucky to catch a wedding when we had lunch today. For the first time, we witnessed the traditional subjection of women that, as far as we could observe, was no longer practiced. (I’ll discuss the role of women in the Stans in a future blog) For weddings, families often return to the... Read more »

Taking Clothes to Last Four Weeks for Two Climates in a Suitcase that can't weigh over 33 Pounds on a Tour of Central Asia

The others on the tour started weighing in yesterday. While American airlines allow 44 lbs. per piece of luggage, Kyrgystan only allows 33 lbs. Anything over, you are expected to pay for right then and there in local currency only. And the cost ranges from $1.00 to 10.00. I’m not as worried about paying as... Read more »

Locating Cash, New Crisp "Big Face" Dollar Bills, for Central Asia Tour

The Tour Company has made it clear I will be dealing in a cash economy. That leaves me with two problems: (1) Where to put it all and (2) How much to carry and in what denominations. I solved the problem of carrying it around by opting for some basic security. I decided to put... Read more »