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Burgundy, France: The Morvan, French Resistance and Petanque

A fascinating day. We drove up through the Morvan Park National Forest, a forested area in the mountains in the region of Burgundy. This is the area where the French Resistance grew. It was a perfect area for hiding. Forests and sparsely inhabited. At first in 1942 only a few men came. These were men who were... Read more »

Traveling in Europe: Ireland, England and France

This was a return visit and not so much a tour as a combination business and holiday with friends. I had been to Ireland four times already. For my previous two trips my husband and I had rented a cottage in Dun Quin on the Dingle Peninsula. I was very comfortable in Ireland and looking forward... Read more »

The Conductorless Train: TGV from Paris to Le Creusot, Burgundy, Part III

With time to spare, I breathed a sigh of relief as I arrived at the Gare de Lyon where I needed to take the train to Le Creusot in Burgundy where my friends would meet me.  But once again chaos reigned. No “Information” or “Assistance” signs indicated a kiosk to find where I could learn on... Read more »

Taxis (?) at the Paris train station: Taking the train from Paris to Le Creusot, Burgundy-Part II

The train from London arrived exactly on time at Gare du Nord, Paris, leaving me little over an hour to get to Gare de Lyon to catch my train to Le Creosote, Burgundy, where my friends would be waiting for me. A French woman who had helped me on and now off with my luggage... Read more »

Chunnel Train: Traveling from London to Burgundy, France, Part I

I needed to get from London to where my friends were staying in Burgundy, France.  That meant taking the Chunnel Train from London to Paris’ Gare du Nord. Front there I would change trains and stations to catch a TGV train to Le Creosote in Burgundy. The first part of the trip was a joy.... Read more »

La Grande Verriere, France: Living in a small village

I’m staying with friends in LaGrande Verriere   (The great glassmaker) which is a small village in Burgundy. They purchased this “village house” about ten years ago and spent the following 8 years replaying ‘A Year in Province.’ They continued living in Illinois while the contractors worked here. They’d return on vacations to discover contractors who stole money,... Read more »

Autun, Burgundy France: Sunday Markets, Roman Ruins, Medieval Cathedrals

Today was Roman ruins and medieval churches. I awakened in the morning and peered out of the unshuttered windows in my bedroom to look up the road.   You can see the the hills  surrounding our cottage or village house as it is known as you look in the other direction..   The area is charming.... Read more »

The Globe in London

Today was devoted to Shakespeare. I bought tickets to see Measure for Measure at a matinee at the Globe Theatre. The South Bank where it is located is buzzing –new modern shops, a lively wharf along the Thames, and the Globe squeezed into the space, probably very much like in the 16th century. I arrived early... Read more »

London at The Carlton Club

I am staying at the Carlton Club at the invitation of the friend of a colleague. It is in Mayfair in Westminster city. This is the first time I’ve stayed in this area. Previously I’ve stayed in South Ken and Kensington which is more suburban. This seems to be the political and financial hub. The ” million... Read more »


This morning for the first time since I arrived in Ireland, the sun was out and the temperature was heading toward the upper 60′s. I hated to go. My taxi driver appeared at the dorm at the appointed moment and within less than a half hour we were at the airport. This was not O’Hare. I whisked... Read more »