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Traveling to Ysyk Kul Lake in Kyrgystan

Back on the road again, we are driving between two mountain ranges that belong to the Tien Shan Range in Kyrgystan. The Palmir range is far to the South.  As we drive East, the mountains on the right side, known as the “Sunny Mountains,” are snow covered, the same beautiful snow covered mountains that we could see from the... Read more »

Home Again (from Kyrgystan) and Back to Central Asia

I’ve been back almost a week and I think I’m finally over my jet lag. Today is the first day I haven’t awakened at 3:30 am. I started on my trip back at 6:30 am. on the North side (the sunny side) of Lake Ysyk-Kul last Tuesday. We arrived back in Bishtek (Originally called Bishpek)... Read more »

Touring Karakol, Kyrgystan: The Animal Bazaar, Bride-Napping and the Falconer

This morning was a hoot. I was almost bride-napped and, having been saved that fate, nearly become a falconer. We started out going to the Sunday animal bazaar where the Nomads come to trade their animals. Stepping through mud, often over the soles of my white sneakers, made mushy by the melting snow from the... Read more »

Crossing Borders from Uzbekistan to Kyrgystan

Today we crossed from Uzbekistan to Kyrgystan, the second border crossing on the trip. These are not difficult but rather physiucally taxing. We simply had to fill out a form that asked beyond the main questions of name, Social Security, and national birth,  the amounnt of money you had (it should be less than the amount you... Read more »