The Prince of Wales Pub and Pub Chains

Unpacked and jet lagged but anxious to start out and ready for lunch, the family, my colleague and I walked the three blocks to the Prince of Wales  for our first London pub experience. Prince-of-Wales Pub in Kensington


I had fish and chips with hard cider .I prefer dark beers but one stout or a Guinness and I'm ready for a nap. Cider is light but has a far better taste than a light ale. The fish and chips were good but definitely missing the old newspaper wrap. I remember buying a fish and chips back in 1963 from what probably served as a fast food place back then. It was wrapped in newspaper and we went outside and sat on the curb to eat. I missed the newspaper wrap but it had probably been outlawed because of the black leaded ink which was probably being absorbed into the greasy fish and into our stomachs.

Jason, the oldest granddaughter Abigail and my colleague Erin were happy with their steak and ale pie with mashed potatoes though Jason complained about the peas. It seems when he was over in England during his college years, peas were a mainstay where he was staying and he was not a fan of them. The youngest daughter found mac and cheese on the menu. In fact, the menu listed quite a few atypical pub dishes. While it did offer the traditional pub foods, there were also foods for a diverse population, including burgers; smoked salmon with smashed avocado; bbq chicken wings; quinoa, bean and falafel salad; lasagna and Louisiana burrito.

Two nights later, after the family had left for their sojourn at a Quaker Conference Center, Erin and I went off to another pub in the area that the manager of the flat had recommended as a typical, very old English pub. However, the menu for it was exactly the same as that of the Prince of Wales. The pubs, we discovered, had become similar to American casual food chains like Chili's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's.  The Prince of Wales and the Gloucester Arms were both part of the Greene King Pubs chain. From here on, we were careful to check out menus before we entered a pub; we were looking for authentic, not Olive Garden.



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