Traveling to China: The Terra Cotta Warriors

This was one of those days that becomes a memory of awe and wonder of tastes and smell and sights. We drove for an hour outside  of Xian to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, the eighth wonder of the world. I had imagined them outside in a large field. Instead they are in a building, a museum the guide called it. We entered what appeared to be a very modern building, leaving bright sunlight for what appeared as a very large dark room, the size of a basketball stadium, and walked to a railing where we stared down into a huge pit. And there they were, standing erect in rows, hundreds of warriors. Each different, different faces, some with mustaches, horses interspersed throughout. Larger than life, filling the entire space. I have stood in a field and stared in awe at the stars overhead. I felt the same as I looked at this colossal artifact of an ancient world.

They were built during the Qin dynasty, over 2000 years ago to accompany the Emperor to his death and protect him afterward. However no one has found the Emperor's grave. The warriors were found about 15 years by a farmer digging a well. The farmer, age 80 and illiterate, sits in the museum shop and signs a book about the warriors. He is a local hero.

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  • So glad you arrived safely. Hope you could take pictures of the warriors. It is hard to imagine. Sounds like you are having a wonderufl time with emphasis on the wonder.

    Take care.

  • I am really enjoying your postings. Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Glad you're sharing this with me.

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