Taking Clothes to Last Four Weeks for Two Climates in a Suitcase that can't weigh over 33 Pounds on a Tour of Central Asia

The others on the tour started weighing in yesterday. While American airlines allow 44 lbs. per piece of luggage, Kyrgystan only allows 33 lbs. Anything over, you are expected to pay for right then and there in local currency only. And the cost ranges from $1.00 to 10.00. I'm not as worried about paying as about the hassle if I'm overweight.

So far, Marty's suitcase is the lightest--29 pounds. Riva is up to 36. John and Paul claim they are going to be way over that. Obviously, Carol and I are the only two working. We didn't start packing until today. In fact, as of this morning I was still washing some of the clothes I needed to pack.

But I'm finally packed and weighed. My purse is 3.6 pounds, my duffle bag is 10.4 lbs. but my 25 inch suitcase is 35.6 lbs., 2.6 pounds over the Kyrgystan limit.

There's actually still a lot of room in the suitcase. The heaviest items are the bottles of shampoo, hair spray, conditioners, etc. I'd put some of those things back in my bathroom closet but I want to keep some for those hotels that aren't quite modernized. However, Kyrgystan is the last stop. I can jettison most of that stuff before we arrive. And I can probably stuff additional items into my duffle.

The real problem is going to be lugging the suitcase when we arrive in Istanbul. Thank heavens for wheels. Once we're in Turkmenistan, the tour company will take care of the baggage.

The clothes are actually quite light. I'm limiting myself to black, beige and navy. And I'm figuring on layers. Short sleeve in the hot areas, long sleeve in the cooler places and a sweater or sweatshirt for early morning and late evening when the temperature drops.

Here's my list.
. A pair of light weight black slacks, a pair of beige capris and I'm wearing jeans on the plane.
. A broomstick skirt and black A line skirt.
. Light weight crocheted sweaters for evening in black, white, beige and blue (Do I really need the blue?).
. Four short sleeve, light weight knit tops in black, beige, brown and navy
, Three long sleeve tops in black, beige and gray.
. One sweater and a sweat shirt. These are for Kyrgystan where it's going to be in the low 60s.
. A pair of good walking sandals, a pair of nice looking sandals for whatever dressy dinners we have, and I'm wearing a pair of sneakers on the plane.
. No jewelry.
. One black scarf I can wear to the mosques or wherever I need it. I'm planning to buy jewelry and scarves there.

It doesn't really seem that much. I may take everything out and repack tomorrow to see if I can eliminate 3 pounds.

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