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CIRQUE du SOLEIL’S “KURIOS” Stimulates the Imagination

The big yellow and blue tent has appeared in the United Center parking lot, The Cirque is back in town! I have seen and loved most of Cirque du Soleil’s productions.  It began in the early 90’s with the Nouvelle Experience. It was then I understood  that enter twined within the acrobats, costumes, music, and... Read more »

The Bristol Renaissance Faire – One Bite at a Time

Every year I carve out a Saturday and travel back to the year 1574 to the Village of Bristol to enjoy the Bristol Renaissance Faire.   I have been attending the faire since the early 80’s when it was then called King Richard’s Faire.  Back then it was more magical and fantasy, which appealed to... Read more »

90 Minute Timeshare Pitch in 3 Hours.

You can have a trip to Hawaii, 3 nights in Jamaica, two tickets to a Vegas show; all you have to do is sit through a 90 minute timeshare presentation!  How many of you have heard this pitch and actually signed up to do it?  My name is Bonnie DeShong and I drank the timeshare... Read more »

Disney World in a Day!

I recently was in Orlando and you can’t go to Orlando without visiting Disney World.  The problem was I only had one day to do it.  I discovered that the only way to make it happen was to have a plan. I sat down and decided which parks and attractions I wanted to visit.  I... Read more »

Bonnie's Eye On!

I am not and never have been a smoker. I really don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke; however, sometimes seeing a group of guys smoking a fine, expensive cigar is quite appealing. On a recent The Traveling Eye show, Ja’Vonne and I focused on “Mancations.”  I can’t imagine guys taking a trip or getaway... Read more »

Bonnie's Eye On - Market FIT Chicago Restaurant

Hi Everyone, Those of you who listen to The Traveling Eye on HUR Voices, Sirius XM Channel 141 and/or The Talk of Chicago 1690 WVON, are familiar with my BONNIE’S EYE ON segment.  This is where I will give my take on experiences, places, and things. This past weekend, after seeing the latest Star Trek... Read more »