Roscoe Village Burger Festival

zpfile018This past weekend I opted for Roscoe Villages Burger Festival instead of Taste of Chicago.  I have several reasons for doing so.

  • I go to Taste every year and wanted something different. I must add that you don't have to choose one over the other because Taste of a 5 day event.
  • I was going to go on Saturday but it was rained out

I enjoyed hanging out in a different part of town.  I've been to this part of town before but had never hung out there.  One thing is for sure.  They love their dogs in Roscoe Village!  Dogs were in tow and in just two blocks there were two dog grooming or supply stores.

I also liked that the burger festival was only two blocks. Easy in and easy out.  While there is not mandatory gate charge there is a recommended $8 donation.  I didn't mind paying it.

The entertainment was lack luster but the burgers and other food selections made up for it!

The problem with burgers is that they are filling.  Some stands offered sliders but still meat is filling.  My plan was to taste at least two burgers but my stomach simply couldn't do it.

zpfile004My first stop was actually at the Ye Olde Town Inn stand which offered some fried options and freshly shaken lemonade.  Note I did not mention burgers.  They offered funnel cake, fried onions and fresh made potato chips.  I went for the potato chips and lemonade and both were a hit! And, you can get a $3 refill of the lemonade on any size as long as you bring back your cup.  The size of the potato chip order was so large they had to serve them in three containers, one on the bottom to put them in and one on each side to hold them in. This my friends was a great start to my Roscoe Village Burger Festival experience.

zpfile006 zpfile008Once I got the list of vendors I knew immediately which burger vendor I wanted to visit, The Butcher and The Burger.  I heard great things about their burgers and wanted to give them a try.  I had the elk burger with caramelized onions, blue cheese and bacon.  Every bite was delicious. The elk was not gamy, was milder than beef and very juicy, the onions were sweet, the bacon was salty and nicely smoked and the blue cheese was more like a blue cheese cream that melted on top of everything.

I enjoyed this two block festival on Belmont between Damen and Oakley.  A nice afternoon for a burger lover whose only regret is not having the stomach to try more burgers.

I will definitely go back next year and try a new burger joint.



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