The Traveling Eye Experiences Aruba by Jeep

Hello Everyone!

The Traveling Eye is at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival in beautiful Aruba.  We are having a wonderful time listen to great music with people from all over the world.

Whenever Ja'Vonne and I travel to a destination we like to get away from the main area and get a good feel for the people, food and spirit of the area.  We had heard about the natural beauty of Aruba so we decided to take tour the area by Jeep.  ABC Jeep Tours came to us highly recommended by Ernest Giel, Visitor Care Liaison for Aruba Tourism.  I am happy to say that everything he said was right on the money.  The jeeps used were clean, the seats were cushioned (trust me that is a blessing), and the drivers were the best in the area.  I want to take the time to warn you that the ride is very rough and not for the faint of heart.  Jermaine was our driver and we kept asking for him to go faster and he did. We hit bumps and curves hard. IT WAS GREAT!  If speed is not your thing, I am sure that the drivers will adjust to your limits.

Some of the stops on the tour was the Natural Bridge Ruins.  It is a beautiful spot where the natural bridge connects land over the Caribbean Sea.  In 2005 some of the bridge broke away and spots of it are no longer stable to walk on, however, there is still quite a bit that could hold my weight.  It is a beautiful peaceful spot where the waves of the sea crash high on the rocks.

We also sent to Conchi where you can swim in a natural pool and dive off the rocks.

We rode past a donkey  sanctuary, cactus fields, coves, ruins, saw an eagle, and beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.

A must on your next trip to Aruba is to hold on to your hat (and lunch) and see the island of Aruba by Jeep.

Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!



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