Welcome to Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Whenever I heard the name Sheboygan, I heard it the way Jerry Lewis would say it, "She BOY gan! After spending two wonderful, peaceful, yet exciting days here, I now say the name with a soft smile.

As you read in Ja'Vonne's previous blog, after checking to make sure the turn signals were working properly, we jumped into her car and left the hustle and bustle of Chicago and two hours later we were entering the driveway of the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan.

Blue Harbor Resort is impressive to look at. It is a majestic example of stunning architecture. It actually took my breath away. It reminded me of the summer homes in the Katherine Hepburn movies with its verandas and balconies. The decor, from the newly renovated lobby and restaurants, to my luxurious over-sized room, complete with fireplace and Jacuzzi tub, was AMAZING!

The tone was set with the look and feel of the resort; the icing on the cake was the Reflections Spa! I love spa treatments and I am pretty particular about the way services are given. Walking through the doors of the spa I instantly relaxed. Not because of a "holistic" look, music, and candles, but because of the genuine holistic feel and spirit of the Spa and the ladies that work there. I will have to give the Reflections Spa at the Blue Harbor Resort a perfect 10.


Day two – we were introduced to the outdoor wonders of Sheboygan.  I didn’t realize that people surfed on Lake Michigan.  Sheboygan is a popular destination for surfing, sailing, fishing, hunting, bird watching, kayaking, and so much more.  We were invited to join Captain Patrick of Wolf Pack Adventures on his fishing boat the Wolf Pack II. Now those of you who know me understand that I do not do boats, especially boats on Lake Michigan.  I allowed my adventurous co-host, Ja’Vonne, to talk me into going on this fishing excursion.  To make a long story short, she caught a good sized salmon, I fed the fishes.  Our cameraman, Howard, didn’t feed them but boy did he see double.

Despite all that, I had a good time. Captain Patrick and his first mate Bill were awesome.  They were friendly, patient, and kept the mood light and fun.  Even with my head overboard I couldn’t stop laughing.


Feet back on land, we stopped by one of Sheboygan’s sports shops EOS and met Michael.  Of course the dare devil of The Traveling Eye wanted to learn how to Kayak so Michael put her in a kayak, and with some direction he pushed her out into the water and off she went.  She did an awesome job!  Afterwards we did something I could enjoy; we biked along the lakefront and took in the shops and sites. It was so relaxing and fun.


Tomorrow is another day and I can't wait to see what adventure lies ahead in Sheboygan!!

Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!







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