Does Traveling make you a better person?

Well, according to some research and surveys the answer is yes. Here's what was found.
As adults our sense of time is compressed and therefore times seems to go by quickly. Remember when you were a child and time just seemed to meander? This is all based on our sense of time. It has been found that we you travel our sense of time is child like and time slows down.

I have always said that traveling is the best form of education when it comes to people, places and things. Now, in a recent study on psychological distance concept, travel or planning travel might improve creativity and self awareness.

I have often worked with people from Europe and they would always gloat and complain at the same time about how much vacation or "holiday" time they used to get in Europe. Another point they made was that they felt more productive because of a longer holiday. While this has not been proven to be better it has proven that working more hours and taking less time off does NOT make you more productive. Alternatively, it does show that traveling as opposed to just taking time off does promote rejuvenation.

Here's the one I like most. Travel makes you sexier. Well, according to a survey, the top two conversation topics and points of interests while dating are hobbies and travel respectively. A well traveled person is more interesting and therefore more attractive.

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