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Reflections on the past - a path of healing

Today I find myself in a very reflective mood.  Looking back usually isn’t the wisest activity for me – it usually leads to a bout of depression. But this time I was able to see the healing that has occurred in the years that have past. I went to bed last night after reading through... Read more »

Conquering the fear of coming out

Conquering the fear of coming out
It took a life time to come to the point of accepting myself. Fear controlled me. Don’t make the same mistake I did. This is something that I have written on quite a bit but I feel it always good to keep telling the story. ALL through high school and for many years after, I... Read more »

Celebrating eighteen years with the best gift a parent could have

Celebrating eighteen years with the best gift a parent could have
Today is a very special day.  Today, I mark the 18th anniversary of one of the most joyous moments in my life – the birth of my daughter. Chalk it up to the hormones or me just being a sentimental pile of mush, but I can’t help but cry tears of happiness in remembering all... Read more »

Struggling with obedience and listening to the Holy Spirit

How often to we really listen to that voice inside that is telling us to do something?  If we want to do it, then there is no problem.  But how often do we listen to that voice when we REALLY don’t want to do that something that little voice is telling us to do? In... Read more »

Stopping the pointing fingers and start owning up to our own sin

There is one word in the English language that will turn off the ears of many Christians and make them squirm in their seats.  One word that many don’t want to hear – let alone talk about – unless they are the ones throwing the stones from their own glass houses.  What’s the word you... Read more »

Remembering to use the buddy system as adults

I’m not a mountain climber and my fear of heights will probably keep me off any steep cliffs for a long time.  But that’s not to say I haven’t done my share of strenuous hiking in my time and in relatively remote areas.   Those times out in the wild have taught me valuable lessons when... Read more »

Tough Love – a letter to my younger self

Dear Mark, Pardon me, but I think you need some tough love and I need to be blunt and extremely honest.  Life at 18 may seem tough, but you haven’t seen anything yet.  Your life is going to be a roller coaster of emotions and experiences.  Some good, some great and some are going to... Read more »

Dear Professor Hawking - The Afterlife is no Fairytale

“I think the convention of afterlife is a fairytale for people afraid of the dark.” Whoa! Stop the Bus.  What? This was the statement that stopped me in my tracks today.  The afterlife is a fairytale? For people afraid of the dark?  That’s a pretty bold statement.  That statement was made by the renowned Professor... Read more »

The Vulture and my Divorce

Friday April 5th 2013, for most people it would be an ordinary day of work, school, and a myriad of other more pleasurable activities than what was not to be on my agenda.  My Friday morning consisted of waking up from a restless night of dreams that ran the gamut from weird to down right... Read more »

The Easter Story through the eyes of eleven men

The Easter Story through the eyes of eleven men
It’s that time of year again.  An endless supply of colored eggs, bunnies, and candies are paraded before us.  Sometime we, as Christians, don’t always see the total depth of what this week really means, the events surrounding it and the people involved.  Sometime ago, I began looking at people in and around the crucifixion... Read more »
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    Meggan Sommerville is a Christian transgender woman with a heart for educating others about the transgender community and her faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ. Her career life has taken her on a variety of adventures, from being a veterinary technician in the Western burbs of Chicago to being an EMT/Paramedic, EMS instructor, and a paid on call firefighter for Bolingbrook , Illinois. Since 1998, she has been the frame shop manager for a national craft retailer. You can contact Meggan via email at Meg.Sommerville@aol.com or find her on Facebook at Trans Girl at the Cross

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