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Beyond the Kilt; How My Scottish Heritage Changed Me

Beyond the Kilt; How My Scottish Heritage Changed Me
History never really meant all that much to me when I was a kid and even on into my youth.  I sat in class after class, from junior high all the way through high school, and the lessons went in one ear and out the other.  That would probably explain the mediocre grades on all... Read more »

Celebrating eighteen years with the best gift a parent could have

Celebrating eighteen years with the best gift a parent could have
Today is a very special day.  Today, I mark the 18th anniversary of one of the most joyous moments in my life – the birth of my daughter. Chalk it up to the hormones or me just being a sentimental pile of mush, but I can’t help but cry tears of happiness in remembering all... Read more »

The love of a parent saved my life

Trans Man Chooses death.  Those four words captured my attention and broke my heart.  As I read the story I was struck not only that this man had chosen to end his life, but that he never felt the love of a parent and that, in it self, might have saved him, I know it... Read more »

Divorce is Hell and Where is God?

Divorce!  Right now this is the ugliest word in the English language to me.  Every couple that goes through divorce has their own issues and obstacles to over come.  The problems seem to intensify when children are involved.  But to add another layer to the already complicate life event, try being transgender. The issues that... Read more »

Twas the Morning of Christmas

Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house A ruckus was a brewing that would scare a mouse. The stockings scattered there and who knows where The time for presents, soon to be here. The children yelling and screaming, nearly losing control. With smiles on their faces, hoping not for coal. Momma in... Read more »

Transgender woman: A lifelong pictorial

Dec 23rd, 1969. What would a personal photo pictorial be without starting at the very beginning? I'm not even a few hours old and I have a camera in my face.  So when you look at this picture, what do you see? Boy? or Girl? or does it really matter?
For many transgender individuals, their past is something they want to forget.  We call it going stealth.  Once we transition;  we move, change jobs and not let others know who we were before the transition. For the last couple years, it has been very difficult for me to let others see my past.  Going stealth... Read more »

The Twinkie Tradition

The Twinkie Tradition
Ever have one of those moments where you have a sudden realization that you have failed in some small way as a parent?  Well about five years ago, as I sat on my front step watching the kids play in the front yard, I had one of these moments.  I was talking with my spouse... Read more »

Face to Face with the Devil's Own - A Personal Struggle of Evil and Faith

Face to Face with the Devil's Own - A Personal Struggle of Evil and Faith
I have never been one to really enjoy a horror story or spooky movie from Hollywood.  I was so sensitive as a child, I hid under the coffee table when the Wicked Witch appeared in the Wizard of Oz.   But as I got older, I became more and more fascinated with real ghost stories.  So... Read more »

National Coming Out Day

In the last couple years as I have come to know some really wonderful people, both in and out of the LGBT community, that I may never had the opportunity to get to know if I had stayed hidden with who I was.   One of those people is Allison Sweeney, a wonderful Christian transgender woman... Read more »

Being Transgender; A Family Transition

To transition or not?  This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make.  This decision, no matter the answer, was going to not only affect me, but my entire family and everyone in my life. One of the many things I never really sat down and put much thought into was how... Read more »
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    Meggan Sommerville is a Christian transgender woman with a heart for educating others about the transgender community and her faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ. Her career life has taken her on a variety of adventures, from being a veterinary technician in the Western burbs of Chicago to being an EMT/Paramedic, EMS instructor, and a paid on call firefighter for Bolingbrook , Illinois. Since 1998, she has been the frame shop manager for a national craft retailer. You can contact Meggan via email at or find her on Facebook at Trans Girl at the Cross

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