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Becoming a Paramedic changed my life

Becoming a Paramedic changed my life
We make decisions every day that have the potential to weigh heavily on the course of our lives. Most of the time these decisions are made without much debate. Sometimes, they gives us that knot in our gut that no amount of antacid will solve. There are those few choices we make that are not... Read more »

Retreating to nature for my mental and physical health

When was the last time you took a break for just yourself? When did you slip away to your favorite spot and just rest? Do you even have a place where you can retreat to when life just gets too much for your brain to handle? Do you escape into the adventures of a book?... Read more »

What does a Trump White House mean for the Transgender Community

What does a Trump White House mean for the Transgender Community
The last few days have been probably the most terrifying hours the transgender community has experienced. It would rank right up there with coming out to family and friends, or it could be the most terrifying thing many of us have ever had to face. The idea of a Trump White House scares me beyond... Read more »

Thank you, Muhammad Ali, for inspiring us to fight no matter the battle

Thank you, Muhammad Ali, for inspiring us to fight no matter the battle
It is in the wee hours of the morning and I sit here on the edge of my bed pondering the life of a man who was a beacon of hope and strength for men and women around the world. With tears filling my eyes and a sadness on my heart that I take in... Read more »

Defining Success is a personal thing

How do you define success? Do you define it by monetary means? Do you define it by personal connections? Can we be successful in one aspect in life and still be waiting, working towards success in other areas of life? These questions are ones that we all tackle at one time or another. For as... Read more »

Pauley Perrette debuts her song Beautiful Child to show love to LGBT youth

“Don’t hide away. You’re light inside needs to shine. Don’t go away. You know you’ve got so much to say.” Those are the words from Pauley Perrette’s newest song Beautiful Child. Now if you are wondering who Pauley Perrette is, she is the extremely talented actress who plays Abby Sciuto on the long running CBS... Read more »

2014 is a good year for me to remember

To be perfectly honest, I am not a huge fan of the commercial aspect of the Christmas holiday.  This year marks my 17th Christmas working in retail.  The hectic pressure this holiday can bring can often take much of the Christmas spirit out of a person.  Well, this person is me this year. The pressure... Read more »

I hate that Robin Williams and I have something in common

Tonight I sit here in stunned sadness at the news of the passing of Robin Williams.  The news of his death took my breath away, but when I read that his death was the result of an apparent suicide – I couldn’t help but cry. I grew up watching Robin Williams.  When I was only... Read more »

Q&A with Shirley Baugher; author, blogger, lover of history

It’s not often I get a chance to interview someone.  I’m always nervous if I am going to ask the right questions.  But when I learned I would have the chance to interview Shirley Baugher, a fellow blogger here at ChicagoNow, I felt a bit relieved.  Though we had not met in person, I knew... Read more »

Remembering the forgotten on Memorial Day

In our nation’s history, we have lost over 1.3 million lives in our armed forces. On this Memorial Day, we remember all those men and women who served this country with distinction and gave above and beyond what any man or woman should ever have to give. We remember those lives given so others on... Read more »
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    Meggan Sommerville is a Christian transgender woman with a heart for educating others about the transgender community and her faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ. Her career life has taken her on a variety of adventures, from being a veterinary technician in the Western burbs of Chicago to being an EMT/Paramedic, EMS instructor, and a paid on call firefighter for Bolingbrook , Illinois. Since 1998, she has been the frame shop manager for a national craft retailer. You can contact Meggan via email at or find her on Facebook at Trans Girl at the Cross

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