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Pauley Perrette debuts her song Beautiful Child to show love to LGBT youth

“Don’t hide away. You’re light inside needs to shine. Don’t go away. You know you’ve got so much to say.” Those are the words from Pauley Perrette’s newest song Beautiful Child. Now if you are wondering who Pauley Perrette is, she is the extremely talented actress who plays Abby Sciuto on the long running CBS... Read more »

2014 is a good year for me to remember

To be perfectly honest, I am not a huge fan of the commercial aspect of the Christmas holiday.  This year marks my 17th Christmas working in retail.  The hectic pressure this holiday can bring can often take much of the Christmas spirit out of a person.  Well, this person is me this year. The pressure... Read more »

I hate that Robin Williams and I have something in common

Tonight I sit here in stunned sadness at the news of the passing of Robin Williams.  The news of his death took my breath away, but when I read that his death was the result of an apparent suicide – I couldn’t help but cry. I grew up watching Robin Williams.  When I was only... Read more »

Q&A with Shirley Baugher; author, blogger, lover of history

It’s not often I get a chance to interview someone.  I’m always nervous if I am going to ask the right questions.  But when I learned I would have the chance to interview Shirley Baugher, a fellow blogger here at ChicagoNow, I felt a bit relieved.  Though we had not met in person, I knew... Read more »

Remembering the forgotten on Memorial Day

In our nation’s history, we have lost over 1.3 million lives in our armed forces. On this Memorial Day, we remember all those men and women who served this country with distinction and gave above and beyond what any man or woman should ever have to give. We remember those lives given so others on... Read more »

Road to Listen To Your Mother - the clock ticks down

Road to Listen To Your Mother - the clock ticks down
In just over 36 hours, the Chicago cast will take the stage in the third annual Listen To Your Mother presentation.  As the clock ticks down, I am flooded with all sorts of emotions. As I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I know that Saturday night will be filled with sleepless hours.... Read more »

Defining friendship in our lives

Friendship.  Whether you think about it on a regular basis or not, we all have our own rules to friendship.  From time to time we all have to define what  friendship really means. Webster’s Dictionary defines being a friend as “one attached to another by affection or esteem.”  But I think we all know that... Read more »

WGN Morning News crosses the line with transphobic joke

Normally I am the type of person that likes a bit of light-hearted fun intermixed with the seriousness of the morning news. But this morning, WGN Morning News’ Paul Konrad crossed the line with a transphobic question he posed to his male counterparts on the morning crew. This morning Konrad, meteorologist for the morning news... Read more »

Conquering the fear of coming out

Conquering the fear of coming out
It took a life time to come to the point of accepting myself. Fear controlled me. Don’t make the same mistake I did. This is something that I have written on quite a bit but I feel it always good to keep telling the story. ALL through high school and for many years after, I... Read more »

Suicide - a personal story

Forty-one.  No, this is not the number of points the Seahawks scored.  It is not the name of some new television show.  The number 41 holds a much darker meaning.  It is the percentage of transgender individuals, at some time in their life, that have attempted suicide. Just last month, The American Foundation for Suicide... Read more »
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