Looking for a Happy Ending

So many of us are looking to the future for that storybook ending to our life. The present circumstances that surround us just don't seem to add up to the happy ending we desire.

It was after I had a very deep conversation with my good friend and fellow ChicagoNow blogger Lea Grover where I had one of those moments where I sat back and looked at where my life is now and where I had come from.  She reminded me that we don't need to look ahead to see the happy ending we dream of, but right now, right here, we can experience that happy ending regardless of what the future holds for us.

I have seen a new app start to appear on Facebook where it will show you photos of yourself over the last few years to see how you have changed.  This has been an exercise that I haven't always been fond of. It really hasn't been until recently that I can look at photos of myself from my past without recoiling in painful memories.

It has been a healing process for me. When I transitioned, I wanted nothing to do with my past and who I was back then. But in December of 2012, I shared a gallery of photos documenting a small part of my life. It made me physically sick to do it, but I knew it was a step I needed to take to help heal some of the pain and to have control of my life.

In the years since that post, I know I have grown and move forward with my life. Though there have been dark times, some that still haunt me, I can not even imagine of ever going back to the person I was six years ago. I have been able to see and experience my kids grow, mature and become the awesome young adults they are today.

So while I should have been catching up on the sleep I have been lacking lately, I started putting together images from the very beginning of my time on this planet and after a few hours I had the makings of a very revealing slide show of my life.  Though I have destroyed many of the images over the years in the times I tried to purge my life of my past, this slide show has images that I have never shared before.

I hope that those who come behind me can see that life can change and it is because of what you make of it is what determines your happy ending.


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