Raising the white flag for my health

I give up. That's right I give up.  I'm raising the white flag and about to do something I thought I would never do.

Like most Americans, my diet up to this point in my life has consisted of over processed, chemically laced boxed, canned, bagged stuff resembling food.  I make no bones about it.  For the most part it has been cheap and convenient.  And for someone with very strict financial issues, cheap is good!

As many of you know, Fibromyalgia has plagued me now for nearly three years and I have done everything I can to help diminish that symptoms and the affects on my mind and body.  Since I can't take any of the medications known to work for fibro, I am left to my own devises to control the pain, mental fog, fatigue and other symptoms.  Now I have come to the end of my rope and things are going to change.

I may not have always liked it but as I have gotten older, I have learned to accept change a bit easier than I did in my younger years.  That being said, there are certain changes that I that are beyond difficult and often cause me some great distress.

In the last few months I have committed myself to do my very best to eliminate all caffeine from my life.  Though I do break down and have a can of caffeinated pop on occasion to kill my migraines, caffeine has been removed from my diet.  And when I say all caffeine, I mean ALL caffeine.  Though there have been a few moments of weakness, I no longer consume any chocolate either.

I'll wait here while you chocolate lovers and addicts regain your composure.   But yes.  I have given up my Snickers bars and my Reese's Peanut Butter cups and my Butterfingers and my hot chocolate.  Even the small amount of caffeine, about 10 mg, found in these products can set off a flare of symptoms.

It has been a struggle and I have craved the forbidden sweets in the weeks after making the decision to eliminate caffeine from my diet .  But I have noticed a difference.  The days I abstain from caffeine, I tend to be in less pain and have less fatigue.

So now that the symptoms are starting to flare again, even after giving up so much, I am faced with making new changes.  These changes will be the most difficult ones yet to make.  After  much prodding from friends I have decided to give up as much of the processed foods as I can.

Starting Monday, I will stick to fresh fruits, veggies and lean meat for the majority of my diet.  One of my biggest obstacles will be eating veggies.  Fruits, all kinds of fruits I love!  But veggies and I have never really seen eye to eye, except when it comes to potatoes. I will have to push myself to try new things and eat things that may not be on my hit parade, but it is all for my own good.

Now don't get this confused with being gluten free.  That's not what I am setting out to do.  I am going back to a natural diet.  If there is a ingredient on the label that I can't read or comes out of a laboratory, it ain't going to enter this body.

I shouldn't have been shocked at the amount of stuff that was in my fridge and pantry that ended up in the pile that I had to get rid of.  My fridge now is a ghost town.  I think Mother Hubbard had more stuff in her cupboard.  But alas, I must take drastic steps for my health.

So for at least the next 30 days please be thinking about me as I set out to be as chemical free as possible.

God help me I want a donut. OOOOOOO -  a root beer - that would be so awesome right now.

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