Finding healing in healthier eating

Well.  It's been one week.  One week nearly free of chemicals in my food.  The question is has it made a difference so far. Have I found any healing in this new diet?

Just one week ago, my diet consisted of lemon lime soda, pizza, white bread, processed canned fruits, soups and mac & cheese.  In other words, crap, crap and more crap.

As I wrote last week in my first post, Raising the white flag for my health, I was taken a back by the amount of ingredients that came out of a laboratory rather than straight from the ground.  By what I have seen, when you eliminate the chemicals from your diet, nearly 75% of the supermarket is now off limits.

In an attempt to control the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, I have made drastic changes to what enters my body. For the last week I have set aside the potato chips for bananas, strawberries, and peanuts.  I have tossed hot dogs away and put fresh lean beef and pork in it's stead.  Water and O.J. have replaced the lemon lime soda that was a constant in my fridge.

The adjustment from burgers and fries to healthy oatmeal and fruit for my work lunches has been on the challenging side, but I am making do.  I purposely do not take cash with me to work these days to ward off any temptation to grab a quick bite out of the vending machine.

Since I have been on my own, cooking for one has never been a priority.  It always seemed to be more work than was really worth the effort and not to mention the extra dirty dishes.  So taking time to prepare dinner every night rather than popping something in the microwave has been a chore.  But to be perfectly honest, it has taken me back to the days of helping my mom in the kitchen before the invention of such a time saving device.

The adjustments have been going well and I can see the formation of good habits forming.  Reading labels have now become routine but shopping has been a bit more of a struggle to find foods that are acceptable on such a fixed income.  Fresh meat and produce can make a huge dent to any budget, let alone one that is so limited.

But so far I am sticking to the plan and my reward is I can answer the question 'have I found healing?'

First off, my body's craving for sweets have been cut down and a spoon full of local honey and a banana usually takes care of the cravings I do have.  Unlike the burger and fries, the oatmeal and fruit lunches have gone a long way to giving me the strength to finish out a long day working in retail.  I have noticed I don't crash as hard when I get home.

One of the major symptoms that has plagued me off and on since the beginning of this journey with Fibromyalgia has been fatigue.  Now this fatigue is not what I would describe as just normal tiredness.  This is a fatigue that drags your muscles down.  Your arms or legs feel heavy.  Every breath you take can feel like exercise.  If you have ever run up ten flights of stairs, you know the fatigue I speak of.  If you have ever stayed awake for 48 hours straight, you know the fatigue I experience.

With only one week of eating healthier and cleaner under my belt, the fatigue has diminished significantly.  I say this with guarded optimism so don't raise your hands and cheer just yet.  The symptoms are never consistent and often do disappear for stretches of time.  But right now, I would like to think that cleaner eating is making a difference.

Though the mental fog and the ataxic aphasia still affects me, for the first time in months I have been able to sit down and write this blog in just about an hour rather than the hours or days it has taken me in the last year.

In a clinical sense, I don't think I will ever be healed from FIbromyalgia.  That's just something I have to face.  But if I can say that I no longer suffer from the symptoms, that's healing to me.  If I never have to use the disabled parking pass again - that's healing.

Healing is coming and the path just might be through good, healthy food.


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