Road to Listen To Your Mother - the clock ticks down

Road to Listen To Your Mother - the clock ticks down

In just over 36 hours, the Chicago cast will take the stage in the third annual Listen To Your Mother presentation.  As the clock ticks down, I am flooded with all sorts of emotions.

As I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I know that Saturday night will be filled with sleepless hours. I’m not sure tonight will be filled with much sleep either.  I tend to be a bit obsessive.  I am one that over packs for everything.  I carry a fully stocked first responder first aid bag in my car at all times because I don’t want to be caught off guard when and emergency hits. Like I said, I fully admit that I am one that can be slightly obsessive about certain things and I am one that my mind will run a mock far out of my control with details.

Saturday night I know I will be constantly running through my essay, checking and rechecking my make-up bag and making sure I have every single thing that I could possibly need so I will be ready to go Sunday morning.  And by the way, my dress is already laid out.

Tonight I think about all my cast mates as well and the stories they will share.  Each of their stories has it’s own unique glimpse into motherhood.  Each story dips deep into the emotions that strike accord between us all.

As the clock ticks down, I think of what Sunday will bring.  As I sit backstage listening to the friends I have made, I know I will laughing and crying, hanging on to every word just as if it was the first time hearing their story.  As I stand at the microphone, my mind will race with the sheer joy, excitement and fear that I know will flow over me like a tidal wave.

Tonight, parallel to the building nervousness tightly interwoven with excitement wrapped up in obsessive behavior is also the tearful joy that I feel.

When I first received the email that my essay had been accepted and that Melisa Wells and Tracey Becker, the producers of LTYM Chicago, wanted me to audition – after dancing for joy, I broke down and cried.  Though I have been writing for nearly my entire life, I have only been a blogger for less than two years. I feel at times I am no match for some of the other writers/bloggers that are out there. Just to be accepted to audition was huge for me.

Tonight, as I sit here running through my checklist of things I will need to bring on Sunday morning, those same emotions that I felt months ago come rushing back.  I sit here in tears knowing that in just a short while I will be standing at the microphone sharing a very intimate story of my life.

The importance of what LTYM does is not lost on me.  To be able to bring to the stage the stories of motherhood in all of its forms and dynamics is tremendous. The tradition of orally passing on the stories of our lives has been an important part of every culture since the beginning of the spoken word and to be part of that tradition is a wonderful honor.

LTYM clockTime is short, if you are in the greater Chicagoland area, please make plans to join us on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at the Athenaeum Theater in Chicago to help celebrate motherhood.  Tickets are still available here.

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