Wishing the best for all the crazy drivers of Chicago

Why is it that anytime the snow falls and the ice builds up on the roads there are those individuals out there that just can't seem to drive in a civilized manor?  Is getting to your destination that important?   Or are you just that careless in all areas of your life?

These drivers try our patients and our sanity.  Often times they cause our knuckles to whiten, our blood pressure to rise and our temper to flare.

From behind our wheel we curse them.  We verbally berate them through our access to social media at our earliest opportunity.

But after an encounter with one of these fine citizens this afternoon, I have begun to think that rather than wishing them harm I would wish them all the best.

To the driver of the black Mercedes-Benz that was riding my bumper and weaving in and out of traffic on the icy roads in the Western Suburbs this afternoon I want to truly wish you nothing but the very best.

The way you were driving today, the time will come when you will find yourself spun out into a light pole, nose deep into a snowdrift or flipped over in a ditch.  At that time I hope you have the most understanding tow truck driver to pull you out of the mess you created.  I hope he, or she, isn't too tired from being up for 18 hours straight assisting those of us that needed our battery jumped or our cars towed because another driver like you ran us off the road.

I hope the police officer that responds to you and not out helping someone that deserves that officer’s help is understanding to your needs and doesn't write you a ticket for reckless driving or public endangerment.

I hope you have a fantastic insurance policy to cover that garage kept fifty thousand dollar car because the odds are not in your favor.  Sooner or later that car you take such pride in, that car that doesn’t have an ounce of salt or dirt on it will soon be door handle deep in trouble.

Do you have a mechanic you trust?  Well let me know if you don’t.  I know some great mechanics that will gladly take your money to fix the crumpled bumper, twisted frame or what ever else you have done to screw up that pretty little mid-life crisis.  I would hate to see you get swindled.

So to all you insane drivers who carelessly and recklessly disregard the road conditions and the other drivers who are sharing the road you think is your own, I wish you nothing but the best.  I hope your future if filled with extra kind people in your time of need.

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