The Tootsie Roll and Gingerbread House Family Tradition

This all started about 16 years ago.  After a less than stellar Halloween, I was left with several bags of Tootsie Rolls.   Not wanting to waste them, I leaned on my youth of playing with my LEGO blocks and I began building a Tootsie Roll log cabin for our Christmas centerpiece.

Over the years my kids and I have built those prefab gingerbread houses you can pick up at the store but all those times I wanted to do more. I have always wanted to build that Tootsie Roll house again. This time it was going to be bigger and, learning from my mistakes, it was going to be better.  This time I wanted my kids involved.  So in a very off the cuff manor, we began building.  We had no plan and really no end vision of the final product.

Over a three-week period, we saw the house take shape.  As many families do at this time of year, building a gingerbread house is an act of love and bonding time with each other.  We are not not professional pastry chefs nor do we claim to be.  We just have fun building from scratch and creating something that is truly our own.

So after a final afternoon of working out the final details, spreading on the final layer of royal icing, putting the final cookie in placed – we declared our Tootsie Roll/gingerbread house complete.  After all the work, I can honestly say that this may not be a yearly tradition, but it will certainly be one that we will do often over the years to come.

For those of you that want to know the details, here is the down and dirty numbers;

-         Overall weight = 17 lbs

-         Over 700 Tootsie Roll Minis used

-         7 lbs of gingerbread

-         2 lbs of sugar cookie

-         5 lbs of confectioner’s sugar

-         9 eggs

-         8 egg whites

-         3 lbs of butter

-         9 Tootsie Dots

-         16 Sour Skittles

-         3 candied glass windows

-         Variety of Twizzlers, Sixlets, cotton candy and sprinkles to finish off the details.

Now the fun part - EATING IT!


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