A Dream Comes True; The day my world changed

A Dream Comes True; The day my world changed

Ever have a day that when you are living the moment, the day just seems surreal? So weird and odd and strange and exciting all at the same time?  A day that lives on in your mind so vividly that it seems as if it was only yesterday?  That was my day three years ago.



It was your normal warm, sunny and humid July day for the Chicagoland area.  I woke up early.  Surprisingly, I had slept surprisingly well the night before, considering the day that was before me.  My excitement and a little bit of anxiety slowly grew as the morning progressed.

I slipped on the purple and black blouse and black skirt I had set out the night before. Over the months leading up to this day, I had pain stakingly hunted for the perfect outfit.  (Something only a girl would do? right?) This was a day that I had dreamed about for decades and I wanted what people saw on the outside to match, as close as possible, what I had felt everyday.

With my make-up fixed, hair just right, and the perfect set of earrings in place, I headed to the Kendal County Court House.  The moment had arrived.   This was a moment I thought would never come.  I sat in courtroom 111 waiting for my name to be called.  An endless stream of foreclosures and credit cases seemed to go on forever.  Finally the judge called my name.  I walked to the front with an uneasy excitement.  I was clueless on how it all worked.  I had been in front of a judge only once before and that was a for a traffic violation.  This was different.  I was there because I wanted to be – to change my life.

My excitement drew to frustration when some of the necessary paper work was not complete, but the judge was kind enough to give me time that day to get things in order and return to have everything signed off.

After making a quick trip to retrieve the paper work, I made my way back to the courthouse.  Each and everyday we make decisions that change our life, but how often do you ever remember the time your world changed.  If you were there the moment your children were born, you know the feeling.  For me, on this day, it was 1:30 pm.

At 8:45 am I walked into the courthouse as Mark T. Sommerville and at 1:30 pm on Monday July 12th, 2010 that name was just a memory.  At 1:30 pm Meggan Renee Sommerville began her full time existence on this earth.  I walked those step out of the courthouse in a fog, in a dreamy, ecstatic, surreal fog.

After a few stops to get things in order, I headed home.  The moment still swirling in my mind.  I felt as though I had won the best prize in the world.  Not one moment did I ever consider I had made a mistake.

I quickly changed and headed for a local park.  I had an announcement to make to the world and I needed the picture to go with it.  For nearly a year on Facebook, I never posted a picture of myself.  That was about to change.  To see my new name and the newly released me on Facebook, to have several of my friends call me by that name was again surreal.


After years of wonder if this day would ever come, I finally knew what a ‘dream come true’ felt like.



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