Having a Reckless Faith; My New Years Resolution

Reckless; to do without caution or thought of consequences.  We often associate the word reckless with something negative or bad behavior.  One of the first phrases that comes to my mind is ‘reckless driving’.  But when did we, as a culture, stop using the word reckless to describe something positive?

This last year was an extreme year for me when it came to my faith.  Many times, my mind would flash back to a time in my life that I was ‘on fire’ for Christ.  Back in high school, my senior year was a time when I was able to look past my fear of letting people around me know what I believed.  I sat by my locker nearly every morning doing my devotions.  I carried my Bible with me to every one of my classes.  When the opportunity arose, I would use scripture in my English papers.

I tried my best to live what I believed and all this I did was in a public school.  I was even told by a few of my Christian friends that they didn’t have the guts to carry their Bible with them to school.

I never thought it took guts, just conviction.  I credit my boldness and my conviction only to God.  He gave me the strength and courage to be unconcerned with what people might think and not really be worried with what they might say.

In stark contrast to that time in my life, a few years ago, because of events in my life, I turned my back on God.  I walked away from Him and the church.  I wanted nothing to do with anything Christian or even the mention of God.

But, as I have learned, God is not one to turn his back on us.  He never gave up on me.  He continued to work on me during that time through family and friends and slowly I came back around.  I have found the faith that I lost and in this last year, it has grown like never before and I now know a boldness like I have never had.  After years of prodding, last May I finally  took the step of obedience and was baptized.

A couple years ago, I would never had the courage to share my faith let alone share my transition and journey in such a public forum.  But we meek humans never know what God has in store for us.  All I can do is stay in His word and follow the path he reveals to me.  He opens the doors and I now walk through them without abandon.

I can not tell you the number of times I have been able to share my faith and my relationship with God, one on one, with others.  God has used me in ways I could never have imagined.  Just with my Facebook page, Trans Girl at the Cross, God’s message has reached upwards of two thousand people in just one week from all over the world.  On average, just about the same number of people are reading at least one post here on my blog. I am constantly continuing to grow in my faith, even in the most difficult times, by seeing what God is doing and how his is using me.

On the day I was being baptized I was able to share my testimony.  I said then that I didn’t want to be a cosmetic brick on the façade of Christ’s Church, but a pillar holding it up.  I want to be the kind of Christian woman that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan has a panic attack.

In the past few weeks, several people, strangers and ‘friends’, have questioned my faith.  I see these comments not as a personal attack by these people, but as a personal attack by Satan.  The Devil himself hates that I am speaking out and sharing what Christ has done in my life.  1 Peter 5:8 tells us that the Devil is on the prowl, just looking for someone to devour.

The Bible is full of accounts of men and women that stepped out and lived what they believed; Daniel, Peter, Ester, Ruth, Paul, Stephen and so many more.  All of these people experienced hardships and even death because of what they believe.

God has called us who love him, to go into all the world and spread the good news of Christ.  If we do that, the Devil will attack, but with the strength God gives us, we can go in to the world with out caution or thought of consequences.

Like I have discovered with what God has done with me recently, we CAN have a reckless faith.


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