Addicted to the Internet and loving every minute of it.

I’m not a reader.  Never have been.  Sitting back and enjoying a good book really is not something I enjoy and to be honest, it was like pulling teeth when I was a kid.  I rely on my desktop computer for the majority of my entertainment, communication and information.  So when I loose my connection, I go into withdrawal.  I watch movies and listen to music. I talk to my parents via Skype. I watch the news and keep up with what’s going on in Chicago and the World, all from my folding chair in front of my computer.

When I loose power during a storm, it drives me nuts, not being able to go to the computer and look at the radar and other news to see what is going on.  But when expenses over run my bank account, certain bills, ie. cable bill, unfortunately go unpaid.

Four Full Days my Internet was out just because the cable company wanted this thing called money.  Does the cable company not know how important my Internet connection is?  Do they not know I have an active Angry Birds tournament and five games of Words With Friends that need my attention?  OH, How isolated I feel without it.

For four days I craved the life giving essence of the World Wide Web provided me.  I was only able to occasionally feed my habit by a few visits to the local library.  The cruel reality is the library only allowed just a taste of the full flavor I am so use to.  Though all too brief, the relief that came over me as I sat there was as though a drug was taking affect.

I tell myself my addiction is justified.

I have no access to email on my phone.

I’m one of the administrators for my church’s Facebook page.

I’m a blogger for ChicagoNow.

I have 59 whole followers on Twitter awaiting my every Tweet.  I need my Internet.

For four days I waited until I could pay my dues and once again delve into my daily addiction.  Waiting or so impatiently to make the call and have my Internet activated again.

But before you plan an intervention and all joking aside, I know all too well that I spend a good portion of my waking hours on the Internet.  But what you need to understand is that the Internet has played a key role in my life in the past few years.

While homeless, the internet at the gym helped me feel less isolated from the world around me.

My transition was made so much easier with the world access I had at my fingertips.  I could tell dozens of friends, many from my early childhood days, at the same time the news and sharing the first pictures of the new me to the world.  Many shared their support and encouragement through this marvelous technology.

Because you can Google my name and find out so much information about me, it has forced me not to live in hiding that comes so easily to me.

The Internet and the connection I have with people through it, helped save me from a deep depression that nearly led to me doing something stupid.  I will be eternally grateful to a friend I have had since grade school who now lives over a hundred miles away for reaching out to me.  That would never have been possible with out social media.

My neighbor is no longer just the person living in the apartment above me, but one of my best friends who lives 15 minutes away, who I can chat with over the preverbal Facebook backyard fence nearly every night.  They are the friends that live in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Texas, Ireland, Indonesia, China and countless states and countries around the world.

Yes! I am addicted to the Internet, but for now it is a welcome addiction and one I am in no way willing to give up.

Oh the joy when it was turned back on.

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